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Player Name: Zs1
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Character Name: Janus Grey
Source Canon: Afterman: The Ascension
Community Tag: The Afterman

Notes: This story is based off elements (mostly song titles) from the Coheed & Cambria album "Afterman: The Ascension

Background: Much of Janus's history is lost to himself. The poor man awakes from a coma with little to no memory of his past, only his name, and a dream...

~*The Dream*~
Janus, or at least his consciousness drifts about in a backdrop of space. A sea of stars and galaxies sprinkle along the darkened void. A voice comes to him, a cosmic, godly voice that speaks a long forgotten tongue that is said no living mortal to this day has the physical ability to even attempt such godly and unearthly syllables. And yet, he can comprehend it.

He's told that he is a man chosen to prevent a divine tragedy. He's told that his home planet, Earth, is in peril, and should it be destroyed in this tragedy, many other worlds will befall the same fate in the wake of Earth's destruction. However, at the scale it is at now, these being's intervention is on such a cosmic scale that preventing it would cause just as much damage to his solar system as leaving it be.

He's told that he will be given the power to stop it at HIS level, where super human intervention is key to saving his and many other worlds. In order to save his world he must eliminate four false gods from his world, who's mere existence is calling forth a far more terrible cosmic entity to his world. Upon his return to his world, he, too, will become a cause for the attraction of this creation; however, it will become weakened, as it's power is now further split; and thus, each false god will become weaker in turn.

The entity feeds on their power, and in return it grants unto them power to keep itself in motion. Fathom this as a water pump. As you apply pressure and energy to the pump, you're given the very water needed to keep your body refreshed and in motion. Each of the false gods feeds it, and it feeds them. Janus's presence, however, will divide the feed of energy further, being both powered by the entity, and giving it power to come forth. Yet serving as a tool to destroy the cosmic force, as he eliminates the false gods, he will become more powerful by the entity's power, and will ascend to a level where he can stop it with ease.

However, his explanation, long winded as it is, is cut short, as he's only given the means to activate the power, and not how to use it. The last words he hears before returning to his world, to consciousness, is "after man..."

~*The World of Waking*~
Janus awakens after a coma of 10 years, the only thing about him not a blur is his name, and the dream he'd just had. In those 10 years, he'd become a marvel of medical science; a man who's body and mind continued to fully function; not a sign of atrophy or cerebral decay, and yet, he simply did not return to consciousness, or respond to outside intervention.

After 10 years and abruptly waking, he was ready to storm his way out of the door. He had a divine duty to save the world, and no amount of doctors, walls, or scientists were going to stop him from doing so. In his waking frustration, half-way out of the hospital, Janus crushes the building by summoning a massive machine to form around him.

Within the first minutes of sitting within the center of machine, he's fed information; the location of the false gods, various abilities of the machine, and a time limit to the day the cosmic entity will arrive at earth and rend it asunder simply by passing by. He has 3 years. In short order he turns this power to try and restore the very destruction he'd caused. Using the machine's 'one time ever god-like ability' to rewind time itself, he returns to the point he'd tried to leave the hospital, thus counteracting every life he just ended in his rush to save the world.

For the next few weeks, he calmly waits out test after test, awaiting his release into the world. In that time, he feels after 10 years any semblance of his past is hopeless to find. Nobody has kept in contact with the hospital, aside from an unnamed benefactor that has paid his bills and provided money for the technology needed to look after him. Though he keeps his name, upon leaving the hospital, he dubs himself, and his godly machine "The Afterman", for the last words he heard from the cosmic beings that granted him both power and and life again.

~*Janus; The Afterman*~
Janus's personal history starts THOUSANDS of years before today, before becoming 'The Afterman'.

However, in such a long time, and languages lost, it's hard to give names to people and places even forgotten by the annals of time. 'Janus' as he were then found himself the fancy of a goddess. However, this goddess was the displeased wife, one of many at that, of the god of gods; a diety much comparable to Zeus or Odin. It was easy enough for the goddess to sneak off to the world of mortals and work her way into the heart of Janus.

They fell in love as a mortal man and woman would, but in time, her presence on Earth, and lack thereof amongst the gods finally began to get the attention of the goddess's husband. Finding she was sleeping in the same bed as a mortal, much less gracing her divine presence amongst them day by day, he became vengeful; as many Greek and Norse gods did. However, Janus was not struck down, as was typical for those who shunned or scorned the gods in that era. His life was made a divine misery; anything he came in contact with fell to ruin, ill luck, and tragedy; his home, his city, his livestock, and even his health in time. The only thing that, literally, kept him going was the blessing of the goddess he'd wed on earth. He only remained alive thanks to her.

As mortals do though, he fell into obscurity, and eventually death, shunned by his own man. However, the goddess lived on, and through her, his spirit did as well. Over hundreds upon thousands of years, the goddess would ensure his spirit was born again, and he would become again the same man she came to love; both body, mind, and spirit, and again, she would sneak off to Earth to be with him. The times between his death and rebirth, more than a few hundred years, easily, was only a blink of an eye to an eternal being such as her.

However, in the year 20XX, she was finally caught recreating him again. Quite tired of her games, the goddess was sealed away in a mortal body, to live as a mortal on earth, and die amongst them, in obscurity and dishonor (as was done with many demi and lesser gods when they disgraced themselves or their kind). Though physically sealed away, they still bore power over their domains; be that war, cruelty, vengeance, or faith.

But the god of gods was not satisfied with this. He would, again, turn his life into one of misery, woe, and tragedy. Though other gods had been sealed away on Earth to die as mortals, he thought to use Janus as a means to an end of his own satisfaction. The god twisted time and life, and replaced several gods, the goddess included, in bodies that would surround Janus in his final mortal life. He would place them as close as he could; family and friends. And it was by the god's hand that he would fall into a coma in an accident, knowing full well that the goddess would do everything in her power to to keep him alive and bring him back. The god let time pass, and after 10 years, leading the other gods-as-mortals down the roads of chaos and infamy, he appeared, for the first time, to Janus and granted him the power to destroy a "tragedy that would befall Earth".

Those very gods whom he was giving a divine crusade to destroy would be the very friends and family he'd forgotten; and only granted memory of them after purging their lives from the mortal coil.

Personality: *REQUIRED* (Show us you know the character. At least 3 or 4 paragraphs is a good length for this section.)

Capabilities and Resources: (We know your character has something to do with robots, otherwise you wouldn't be here. But what else does s/he do? Newtype? Geass powers? Own a company? Member of a military in good standing? That all goes here.)

(*REQUIRED* if you have a robot)
Robot Name: (Uh... yeah)
Robot Description: (What weapons does it have and what can they do? Is your mecha a super (superhero-y) robot or a real (military-ish) robot? Does it have any special armor or forcefields? Magical powers? Traits? Can it fly? How? Feel free to link to a wiki or fansite to give an overview, but write the details down here.)
Terrain Stats: (This is optional, but for those who have played SRW, this is a good way to give us a quick judge of how good your mech is overall. For those of you who haven't played the games, they are measured: --, D, C, B, A, S, with -- or D meaning it can't fight there at all and S being the best. Note that only upgrades tend to have an S unless they are entirely gimped or unusable in other areas.)

(*REQUIRED* if you captain a flagship)
Flagship Name: (Uh... yeah)
Flagship Description: (Essentially the same as a robot description... except for a flagship instead. What abilities does it have? Does it have any special support capabilities? Is it intended to be used with specific units or kinds of units?)
Terrain Stats: (Same as above.)

Upgrades: (if any)

Job: (if any)

Suggested Event List:

Key Extraction Entity I: Domino the Destitute
10 years ago, Domino was Janus's brother. As the god's will came down from the cosmos, he became a violent man, boxing for money. Soon it led to a life of crime, and after beating his own employer into a bloody oblivion, he became a crime lord; a man worthy of justice by anyone's hands, yet nothing seemed able to stop him; an unnatural force was on his side.
His name forgotten and unspeakable, the god we will call "The Destitute" lived within Domino's body. The closest of the appointed targets, Janus calls him out by title (which, by these standards, is the same as speaking his unspeakable name), which sends Domino into a flaming fury to take on a towering, horned, muscular form about 30 meters tall, wearing only rather shiny (beam coated) red trunks and what seems to be red clubbed hands. Looking more like a demon than a god, or at the least a god of violence and descturction, Domino has his own little army of various criminals to pilot various mobile suits as his own little army to combat against The Afterman.
Location: A beachside mansion
Enemies: Domino "The Destitute", 10-15 various mook mobile suits.
Plot: After any given beatdown of Domino, he has to be sealed off by The Afterman's "God Breaker" attack, and seal him away within the machine (which appears to be a violent process that actually breaks and collapses the God's body into a small sphere that's contained into The Afterman's chest). It's after The Destitute is sealed and defeated, memories come flood back to Janus, as he can remember his brother, Domino, clearly now; the man he just broke and crushed. Domino was a boxer, and Janus helped him train, helped him and supported him as he nearly had a heavyweight title shot before he was sent into a coma. Dozens of times Domino came to bail Janus's ass out of a confrontation, but they were the best of brothers before his coma.
How had his brother suddenly come to be such a man?

Key Extraction Entity II: Holly Wood the Cracked

Key Extraction Entity III: Vic the Butcher

Key Extraction Entity IV: Evagria the Faithful

Key Extraction Entity V: Janus the Ascended

Sample Post: *REQUIRED* (This should be in character, though it could be a journal entry or an action post or what have you. The purpose of this is to get a feel for your writing style and portrayal of the character.)
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