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Suggested Event List:
Mission 1: We Run The Night
Setting: Seaside (any beach-bearing city preferably, but not necessary) Night time.
Enemies: http://media.moddb.com/images/members/1/477/476527/Mutant_Crab_3.jpg Monster crab x3 (Appx 50m tall)
http://parasiteeve.wikia.com/wiki/Bog_Divers Mutant sea lion x10 (appx 20m tall)
Breakdown: Fairly simple MOTW event. Beforehand, a deal is struck with Dan/Cap'n and Dr. Hoshizaki to pick up two machines and their pilots. They'll be on standby on a beach where frequent tremors have been detected, as well as monster sightings.
When the crew arrive, there's two machines there not engaged in combat at all. It's shortly after that the first of the monsters wanders up on shore. This is the girls' cue to head out into the water, leaving the rest of the team to deal with whatever happens to come up on land. Most of the monsters remain deeper in the ocean, where it gets a bit difficult for non-specialized units to be combat effective, but others do wander into the shallows or on land. No special events or dialog here
The mutant crabs have an acid-bubble puke they can spit out, but not very far. Only a bit further than the range of their claws.
The mutant sea lions have nothing special going on, and just smash and beat things around

**After the first mission here, the girls will experience a noticeable growth spurt, but, considering they're new, it's not noticeable to anyone else. This is inconvenient to clothing, but not to health.

Mission 2: The Beast and the Harlot
Setting: Ocean (no nearby landmasses)
Enemies: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7011/6676307177_40a1e51014_z.jpg Octo-chick mutant x2 (torso to head appx 30m, tentacles 75m)
http://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-01/art/pe-eve-final-form.jpg "Luna" (10ft tall) -> x5 mutant sea lion
Breakdown: Another sighting of sea monsters leads to another sortie for the girls. Upon arrival, it's two massive mutated ocotpus women fighting with eachother. However ,the obvious wreckage of other ships, likely cargo transports, float about in the water around them. Listening, the two women are fighting over something personal, one of which has something in her hands. When guns are turned on the monsters they attack the team. Something should make the monster drop whats in it's hand.
It becomes apparent that it's some sort of monstrous woman, who begins attacking everyone. She alone seems to have the sort of strength of any of the other machines despite being tiny as hell. After another turn of rampage, if the 2 octopus women haven't been killed already, the woman will flee and call forth 5 of the sea lion mutants from the previous mission. If they have been killed, we can fight with the woman for a while before she simply swims off, faster than the girls machines can keep up.
The octopus women do exactly what you expect them to do, bite, claw, grab and crush with their tentacles. The women, despite clearly yelling at each other or the team, aren't speaking in any comprehensible language.
The smaller woman "Luna" (but unnamed for this mission) Can both swim and fly (limited) at high speeds. She hits with the force equal to say, Shining Gundam. She can emit a black 'cloud' in the water to blind, or spray it out, where it has a corrosive quality. She can also generate electricity within a decent area around her.

**This is where the girls' growth becomes serious and problematic. At least on Lilly's part, her breasts get large enough that it makes breathing difficult. There will be surgery to correct this problem, which reveals that their internal anatomy is being altered as well, more toward an aquatic creature; which is going to allow the girls limited breathing underwater. Like... 10 minutes at most.
"Luna", after calming down on her own, recognizes the designs of the machines she'd just run into and realizes that her dad has set up OTHER people for a fate like hers. And so she sets a plan into motion.

Mission 3: Scream
Setting: Seaside town
Enemies: "Luna" (see prev mission)
http://www.oddballdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/pelican_eel.jpg Mutant pelican eel x10 (appx 45m in length. Mouth can open up to 30m)
Breakdown: With a plan in mind "Luna" sends some mutant creations of her own to attack a seaside town to lure the Girls out. Of course, that part of the plan succeeds, making Luna "retreat" to the ocean. It's there that the Girls receive an epic beating. Their machines are crushed within minimal functionality... enough so that the Girls won't be killed. During, or post, beating she says much of this;
"He probably sent you after me too, didn't he?" "You just let him use you like this." "The longer you keep this up, you're going to end up looking more like me! Or worse!" At this line she'll get right in someone's face. "Or maybe you've already started. Your body changing more every time you use those machine. Those damned machines." "My own father did this to me!" "Do you think he even cares what happens to a couple of random girls?" In all she says, she drives it home that the more the girls use their machines as they are, they'll just end up like her, worse, or, dead at her hands. With those two handled, she states that her father is next. Luna leaves, leaving the girls drifting in their machines in the ocean.
The pelican eels are unusual in that they can both FLY, but also the size of their mouths is misleading. Inside their mouths are hundreds of massive, sharp teeth, and they also possess barbed tails for the stabbing. As per most eels, they can discharge electricity.

**Afterward, while the machines undergo some serious overhaul, the Girls haven't gotten too much worse since the last growth spurt. Another size reduction may be needed, but, internally, they're no different.
Anyone with a science degree, or, chemical know-how, (Samus? Allesandra? Roads?) can probably figure out that the liquid solution in the cockpits only needs a slight adjustment in it's properties to stop with the side effects. Something that would have to be BLATANTLY overlooked to not correct.
At least Lilly has lost all desire to even continue piloting, but, as circumstances lay, hers are the only machines that can perform at that level underwater (Getter 3 aside), and if "Luna" is going to come attack again, they're going to need her. ON TOP of that, the girls are kept on board because they're the ones that know where Hoshizaki's labs are. Honestly, they only have a vague idea what city it is.

Mission 4: Lapdance / Putting on the Ritz
Setting: Some city where we can set Hoshizaki labs. Also, nighttime. Also, preferably with a large lake or river nearby.
Enemies: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b253/Zappa_Slave/Other/TwistedArt06Rover.jpg Mutant urchin (body appx 5m, legs appx 20m, floats) x10, Mutant pelican eel x10, http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b253/Zappa_Slave/Other/TwistedArt07Worm.jpg mutant worm (appx 20m in length) x10, mutant sea lion x10, monster crab x2 (split these between the three fields as you see fit)
Breakdown: Luna makes no effort to hide her siege on Hoshizaki's lab. If only to confront them themselves, the Girls and party have to defend the lab. The problem here is that the hoards of mutant sea creatures are coming from two different directions. If left to converge, they'll just overwhelm everything, and if tackled from one side at a time, the other will just have plenty of time to get in and crush the labs. DUAL FRONT ACTION GO! The girls, of course, should be split up too (Lilly on the "Lapdance" side and Ritsy on the "Putting on the Ritz" side)
How I would like this mission to go: Unless something from another canon prevents this, they should be able to communicate. Neither side has Luna leading the monsters, and the monsters aren't quite going for killing blows as they have previously. Some one/thing should pick up on a 3rd force approaching from another side, potentially behind the labs, so that pieces of both groups (including the Girls) need to break off and go defend the labs.
Rather than trying to crush her, people should try to be diplomatic about Luna. Any monsters she tags along with her... that's different. Discussions should probably go between not killing Dr. Hoshizaki for the sake of 'not becoming a monster like her father' or 'he might have a way of reversing all of this for all the Girls' so, for that sake, he should be spared, if even for a while. Of couse, being so close to the lab (and probably that Lilly's machine has the ability to scream) most of the conversation is audible to Hoshizaki. He chimes in, spouting out quite a bit of cold-hearted things; not caring what happened to his daughter in the aftermath (that's why he moved on), not caring about what happens to a couple of (sluts/whores/stupid girls) that nobody in the world is going to miss. Even Lilly's family have been told she'd run off to be some playboy's plaything after her little stripping stint.
After all foul words exchanged, it turns into a united front against Hoshizaki; Luna, and the Girls, and the Chalice crew work together, but, someone with a more strategic mind, or, devious, should call for a retreat of everyone intelligent, leaving any remaining monsters to ransack the labs. Luna becomes an allied NPC (and appable, with only the surname "Hoshizaki" and some facets of her background set in stone).
The two new monsters; the worm and urchin, aren't anything spectacular except for their size. The worms claw and roll over things, while the urchins grapple at stuff in order to bash it's spikey main body into whatever it's latched onto.

Mission 5: In Too Deep
Setting: Anywhere with a good body of water
Enemies: Burl-X [Dr. Hoshizaki] (60m Super)
Breakdown: Seeing that we likely left Hoshizaki for dead, he comes back to completely shut down his project. This means, killing everyone involved, Chalice crew included.
Hoshizaki has no nice words for everyone; name calling for all the Girls should thrown around, even his daughter (if apped and present?). There's no reasoning with him to end things peacefully, not that anybody would really want to at this point.
Variable!: If "Luna" is apped, the player may chose to revert some of her mutation to a more humanoid form. At this point, the Burl-X can be salvaged after Hoshizaki's death, making it "Luna"'s unit. However if this isn't desired, or, "Luna" isn't apped by this point, I'd like the Burl-X taken out under water, leaving Hoshizaki to die in a watery grave...
What the Burl-X is capable of is a mystery; missiles, guns, crazy explosives, whatever makes it seem pretty OP for a boss... BUT, Hoshizaki isn't a pilot... so, no surprise that it's all firepower and no skill.


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