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-December 28

I went to Instructor Darlavon to discuss a dream I had. However one of the other instructors he was with was there, and as I began to explain, describing one of our classmates Ramza, they all found my dream more interesting. I thought it concerning since, dreams often seen as a sign of the future and this one was awfully vivid, the feeling of the air, the magic flying around me, seeing Princess Ovelia kidnapped.

They, too, had the same dream, and though many of the other faces were unclear, they all saw Ramza there. So it was decided that I should try to stay near him, since we are in the same squadron here at Gariland Akademy. Something great and important may be happening, if three unrelated people are having visions of his future.

I do not know how well I could help him in a real battle but, at the least I can watch, and record. This is all I need to do, is it not?

-December 30

I've convinced some of my squadron to stick with me, should something truly happen. It's good to know I have this support. But for now, we celebrate the incoming new year.

-January 1

With the new year, our squad, Ramza and his friend included, were to be assigned defense of Igros Castle. However, shortly into the announcement, we received word thieves sneaked into the city, and we were tasked with defending it before anything else.

Though our groups were split up to cover the city, we, along with Ramza, were the lucky... no... the unlucky ones to find the thieves.

Myself, a purveyor of healing arts, though I do like to dabble around. ((And our scribe we're reading from.))

Gwynn. He's rather good with a bow.

Olive. Also good with a bow, but she seems reluctant about it.

Celine. She was fairly quick on her feet, and observant.

Neilson. He's always try to help others in other squad study. Smart for sure, but not the most... dexterous.

McGyle. He was always scheming something, but I never really spoke with him much.

I make mention of everyone to remember them as... not all of us made it through that day. And not all of us were quite privy to my intentions either. I daresay that I'm at fault for Celine's passing. Had she known my intentions, perhaps she'd not reacted the way she had and taken an arrow in my stead. Neilson was lost to us as well, hoping that nobody had to die that day, even the thieves. One of them took a knife to his back while he was tending to one of their friend's wounds. McGyle... curiously vanished during the confusion. I don't know if he fled or was captured but he neither reported in, nor was his body found afterward.

Ramza and his friend Delita held their own for a while, but managed the get themselves both knocked out. I tended to him quickly, and he soon saw to his friend rather than continue subduing the thieves afterward.

After the matter, we were joined by two other cadets from other squads, or... so they say at least.

Zappa, or so he says his name is. He seems eager and capable. ((Why yes, this is a self-insert!))

Lilly. She's rather... erm... mature, but she seems quite experienced. ((And yes, my OC. I only have the one really.))

Ramza went off to have a talk with his family, so in the meantime I had a talk with our new ranks, bringing everyone up to speed. Olive and Gwynn were aware of my objective, but at least now I've brought the rest up to speed, with good responses as well. I'm very fortunate that even strangers would support me in such a curious endeavor.
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