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-January 8

Our journey is once more halted by a run in with monsters. It was a surprise to only see a pack of goblins, rather than more bandits attempting to train the beasts for their own nefarious purposes.

Algus was 'convinced' this time around to pull his own weight, however when he did so, he snatched Gwynn's crossbow from his hands and set off on his own hurried hunt. By the time we'd caught up with him, he'd been laid out.

I cannot say this to the others, but, I've become more interested in him. I'd like to understand what motivates him so that he cannot handle himself in a fight, yet is so angry and determined to recover the Marquis. To me, he is determined, yet incapable. As I have observed, this is also the case with Yuu; eager and determined to work hard, and yet, unable to put out the effort needed to prove themselves capable. At the least, in Yuu's case, they are willing to cooperate. I believe they simply need time and experience. They have patience, which it seems Algus utterly lacks.

Miss Lilly took responsibility for 'motivating' Algus and managed to recover Gwynn's bow in the process. For keeping herself a mystery, she's proven herself invaluable. Perhaps one of these days I can sit down and talk with her.

That's not a terrible idea, honestly.

Goblins aren't much different statistically. There's another Romhack "Final Fantasy Tactics Rebirth" that I hear made Goblins capable of stealing accessories from the get-go. However...

Their Turn Punch has a larger range! Of TWO! And more height tolerance.

Monks haven't changed in their basic 'Punch Art' skills. What did change was their 'Hamedo' being replaced by the Samurai's counter skill, 'Meatbone Slash'. Fair for balancing, I suppose?

Currently the party is as follows:
Ramza (lv.3) Lv.4 Squire
Gwynn (lv.4) Lv.1 Marksman (Did Not Sortie)
Lilly R. (lv.4) Lv.2 Marksman
Zappa (lv.4) Lv.1 Monk
Olive (lv.4) Lv.1 Wizard (DNS)
Yuu (lv.1) Lv.1 Chemist (DNS)
Jacky (lv.4) Lv.2 Priest
--- ---
Delita (lv.2) Lv.3 Squire (who cares?)
Algus (lv.4) Lv.1 Archer (For LP purposes. He came with Lv.6 Squire!)
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