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-January 9

We have reached Doreter, a trade city that's fallen into a bit of disarray after the war, but, still the city thrives. We'd chosen to split up for the sake of getting more information faster. Hopefully someone had seen the Marquis. Of course Algus was off in a hurry to find the Marquis and we could not let him be by himself. Ramza and Delita took with him while the rest of us split into other groups to ask around.

We were lucky to come across two of the Death Corp fighting amongst one another, and luckier still that Delita recognized one of them on the spot. And from so far away at that. Yuu claimed to recognize him as well as Olive but... we know well that Olive doesn't not speak up often.

While we'd split up, I wish I knew what manner of conversation the three of Ramza, Algus, and Delita had, because the boy was eager for a fight once more of the Death Corp arrived to cover the escape of their leader, Wiegraff.

I'd not seen him so eager for a fight before, and yet, considering Algus's mannerisms, I would not put it past Ramza to need to let off some steam, and whom better than those who are troubling the peace.

Between our two teams, we managed to scatter or kill the Death Corps, as well as capture one of them as well. Of course Algus insisted on seeing to his interrogation. Ramza, Delita and I made sure to accompany him. I had no interest in interrogating him myself but, for the sake of observation I went along. At least twice now I've missed out on things Ramza has done. He was considerate enough to share with us his conversations, but I feel that may not last for much longer.

Or at least not with Algus in our company. I believe we would do well to rescue the Marquis without him, even if it is not our place.

Again, Algus shows no respect for his fellow man, bandit he may be. The man spent more time beating our captive than he did asking him questions. Had I the power, I'd have stopped him. Fortunately Ramza was considerate enough to at least put in effort. I'd have liked him to put hands on Algus but... At least we got the information we were ideally after.

We make way north for Zeklaus Desert.

Go here for an extension to the entry.  All about some of the classes not previously mentioned or featured.

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