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Let's Play "Super Robot Wars: Unlimited Generation @lpha"!

So, now that I've finished Gundam Musou 3, and have little else to be working on at the moment it's about time I get to this game. It's HUGE! So huge that not all the content is on one disc, for a PS3 game of all things. Preorders, luckily, got a 20$ voucher for the DLC add-on for the next 100 missions.

More than 200 missions? HOLY CARP!

But yes, firstly, opening credits!

That was pretty cool. Really wide array fof series in the game; lots of SS series too!
So the game's set in the year of AI-15 (After Impact). The world's a mess; wars, meteorites, aliens, monsters, colony drops, more war, and TWO Impacts from people doing things they shouldn't!

There's a long cutscene of dialog with various crew of the ship, and even others showing up before we get to the action. We're all travelling on a pretty huge, swanky ship called the "White Chalice". I get it, cups, filling with with people, and it's like White Base. HAHA LOLOLOL GG Banpesto.

Finally we move to a battle map though. Seems we're delivering supplies to some sheltered city standing in place of San Francisco. Seems they put the Major of the Pantsless Brigade in charge of the operation, and a few Originals doing manual labor.

Stage 001
First Stage

Seriously? Seriously??

Full stage recording.
Haven't learned to turn the timer off the capture card yet. Oh well. Shows you when I do and don't walk away during recording.

It's a simple seaside mission, but, while my objectives are clear, the skill point isn't. Rumor was that the skill points only reveal upon completion. Looks like the whole internet is trying to figure it out. More rumors lead to going against canon events for skill points. Weird. Also, we're force deployed one unit, with only 3 more to select. I'll just take the ones who were on site during the dialog cutsccene; Mio Sakamoto from Strike Witches (an SS unit), Devon, an Original (also an SS unit), and Vigil (an M unit). Joshua seems to be an M as well, with a co-pilot! The name is ??? but we can access their seishin.

Unit demos

*Readying her machine gun, Mio takes a quick glance using her magic eye before covering it again. Leaving the humanoid's to Vigil and Devon, she opens fire on the cityblob. She circles it, most shots going for center mass, but a few stray to herd it along, if it will play along.

Mio has 2 variants on the same ranged attack, with one of them consuming EN. She has a melee attack as well, but I'm saving that for later. She's got low HP, but, she's an SS unit and has both a barrier and high mobility. The damage to the enemy is piss poor, but it seems it has a resistance to everything that isn't the auto-deployed unit.

*Devon is close to the monster's head - and immediately says hello by lunging forward and headbutting its face. She unleashes a barrage of attacks, going for the eyes. Literally. Powerful but straighforward punches and kicks aim at whatever looks like the weakest point, but Devon tries to avoid the mouth if there is one. Just in case.

This Devon chick is a monster brawler. Everything is melee for her but one attack I don't have the morale for yet. She has more HP than Mio, but is landlocked. She's also got a thing called "Phase Shift" which is basically like an Afterimage skill. Not high movility, but that Phase Shift seems to activate pretty often. She too failed to do much damage, but I blame the nature of the enemy.

* It seems that defense is not an issue, so Vigil deducts that being more capable of dealing damage is what will win the day since he doesn't seem to be able to prevent it from attacking him. Cue an Aether sword... actually cue four of them. One in each hand, and one in each... other hand. Anyone who didn't notice at this point, will obviously see that the Parietis Patronus' feet are actually hands. Cue charge towards the bird and... insert SPINNING PHYSICS! .

Parietis Patronus is clearly a super. And it's something of an ape, or so the animations imply. It's got a good variety of attacks, which all lack a high morale requirement for some reason. Vigil has mostly defensive spells, which is fine. It can take a hit, but, it's attack power isn't doing much more than the SS units. I'm hoping this is all alieviated by the next mission.

At the end of my second turn, a cutscene goes off, changing back to a dialog phase.

Haruka: "Aw, man, lost already.... I wonder what's going on over there..."
RIFFA: "Hey there... you're lost too?"
Haruka: "....Ah, yeah. Can you help me out?"
RIFFA: "I know the place where big sister is going... and I'd like for her to go with me!"
Suddenly! She reaches out, grabbing you by your hand and then wraps her other around your waist before jumping insanely high in the air!
And before you know it you're hurtling at the ground!
Haruka: * Screaming ensues! *
As it should! Just before a gigantic robot inexplicably bursts grom the ground right in front of your very eyes, catching you in one of its hands!
The blonde girl seemingly bolts away, more than a tad surprised and mentioning something about
RIFFA: "Imber".

Back at the battle, the enemy phase proceeds before yet another cut in.

* Charging at one of the humanoid Nightmares and trying not to think about it too hard, Sara's ANIMa barrels forward, draws back a huge haymaker with its bulky fist, and gives the enemy a hefty straight left, followed by an uppercut and a kick. "TAAAAAAAAKE THIS!"

Oh look! That's why I only got 3 picks; reinforcements! Another M unit like Joshua. And it's not hampered by the enemy's defences. Thanks to Devon prior, the enemy goes out after the second hit, taking a retarded amount of damage.

Another unit shows up as well, but, it's plot-locked. Haruka from Idolm@ster Xenoglossia shows up, but is unable to act. She can still use her seishin.

*Replay note* At first I thought it was plot that Mio moved beside Haruka's unit if she was on the field, but, after a replay, whomever I picked in position 1 moves to her side, even without deploying Mio again.

Good thing I picked someone with support defend...
Thankfully that cable isn't made from any ridiculous materials, and the facts that Mio cut through it easily enough is proof the machine isn't a Nightmare
Sweet Jegus, Sword Cut also!? Well... if I know Strike Witches, that's better than...

Anyway, with the elimination of the Nightmares, the big bad shows up, Nibilum. And with that, Haruka is able to attack as well. At full morale at that! However, unless I'm hacking on on a replay, there's now way I can take out 7k HP in one hit. Bad planning on my part left only Haruka able to act.

Fortunately after one attack, Nibilum bails out, and the stage is complete.

Next time: MORE EXPERIMENTAL UNIT USAGE! Maybe some Kamen Rider!


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