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Rather than consume precious space on a plot-related post, let's cover a few of the classes that I've come across.  Things have been changed in 1.3!

First here we see the Squire.  Everyone's standard. And for Delita as well, it remains unchanged from the standard "Squire" everyone else gets.
We know the first two. Heal cures basic status ailments to a nearby unit. Wish brings them back to life, and Cheer Up grants Regen to a nearby unit.  Target is a sure-hit attack that supersedes Reaction skills.  Beatdown is a heavy hitting, almost 2x, attack with terrible accuracy.

Next is our bestie Algus.  He came with his Basics all learned.  I feel that these skills are going to bite me in the ass at the end of the chapter.  And yes, that's redundant of the Knight's skills too.  He'd have to learn them over on Knight as well.  Genius!

Our hero, Ramza The Incompetent!  Yell is the only difference, which casts Haste, rather than just adding a +1 to speed.  No longer does 'Wish' give HP at the cost of Ramza's own.

Next is Wizard, which really cut out a TON of magic (the four levels of the elements) and simplified it.
Explosion attacks a single tile, and might cause Oil status.  Chain Lightning hits in a line and has NO CAST TIME.  Cyclone may cause Float... why?  Mjollnir is our lightning spell that might cause Stop, Blizzard may cause slow.  Shatter ONLY claims to work on people with the Stop status!  Meltdown is a suicide move that deals damage based on missing HP.  The one spell not seen is Dark Holy, which is... just that.

And here is our Priest.  Cure, Life, Full Life, Reraise, and Regen, (as well as the unseen lower spells of Protect, Shell, Wall, Esuna, and Holy) are nothing new.  Rejuvinate is your Cure 3-4.  Spirit Surge is a lesser level Holy spell. And Holy Strike is a melee attack that may cause Confusion.

All of these I either should've done sooner, or in the case of Wizard, I just got them.

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