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((Here we go, into the last battle of the chapter. While this may be a bit risky, I've doe some job changes so people can be further along the way they're going.

Ramza L.10 / Squire L.4 w/Steal
Gwynn L.11 / Thief w/Equip Crossbow L.2 (On way to Dragoon)
Lilly R. L.12 / Geomancer L.1 w/Steal (On way to Ninja) *Did Not Deploy*
Zappa L.12 / Thief L.3 w/Punch Art (On way to Dragoon as well?) *DND*
Olive L.12 / Summon L.2 w/Black Magic *DND*
Yuu L.7 / Monk L.1 w/Item (on way to... a job)
Jacqueline (Jacky) L.14 / Oracle L.2 w/White Magic (On way to... a job)
And Delita doesn't matter because guests don't matter aside plot! (but he's not just a chump at least).
Most of the characters I have a long term plan for, and personalities, to which I'm slowly remembering as I spend more time thinking about this LP again!  Yuu is intended to be 'gender fluid' despite being the male character portraits.  The joke is "Uh... hey you!" since their class is quite shrouded...when they get there.

Dragoon, guh, I mean LANCER, now that we see, has taken in a huge overhaul in action skills since Vanilla (the regular PSX/PSP version). No longer just a bunch of vert/height 1,2,3 etc, but now there's an innate range of 3 for jump targeting, as it should be, with the pentultimate being limitless height.  Reaction, Movement, and Support skills are the same.))

-January 27

Fortunately Ramza's suggestion was spot on; Teta was at Fort Zeakden, but she was also very much being held at knife-point.  At first I felt relieved that Zalbag and a squadron was also there, but then we spotted Algus.  Worse still, Zalbag ORDERED Algus to fire...

...on Teta!  He fires again on Golagros. A messenger came and led Zalbag away, leaving Algus behind.  Nobody would stop Delita from giving chace, aside Algus himself who has chosen to lump the rest of us in as 'common animals'.  Ramza included.  I'm certain nobody will miss him.  If anyone, he has nobody to blame but himself, or God.

((Well, maybe she's okay?))

((Okay fine? How about Chumpy?))

((Chumpy, I mean Algus, has double archer power! And I forgot to bring Steal Weapon?! [I'm actually lacking it, only Steal Armor so far].  He has some SICK jump range too, and he makes use of all the roofs that typically you won't touch unless you over-level earlier on, which I'm avoiding.  He makes good use of Timed Strike and Heartache Strike too but... his problem is getting close to him, not really his damage.))

Algus spent far too much time berating Ramza and preaching to him how a Beoulve should act.  How his family is nothing but to use and be used.  Be used to protect while keeping high status.  though none of us had ears for him, I believe Delita finally had heard enough.

((Interestingly, since Delita was already down, he gets back up with 1HP. I don't recall if this happens in Vanilla.))

But who would blame him; to watch a man whom was near family to him, Zalbag, order his sister to be killed?

It truly is all unfortunate to hear and see.  The fact that that's just how things really truly are, one class, one family, to just use another for their own gain.  Even if one person aims to do good, in the end it still comes down to whom is serving themselves more.  

While we still aim to to what is right and good by man... I'm afraid to say that I feel Ramza doesn't quite understand this.  It just feels like more than simple disbelief, or denial of the truth; but that he genuinely doesn't...  then again, whom am I to say what he does and doesn't think.  At the least, he tries to be a good man, class and status be damned.

Once we took care of Algus, may he rest in Hell, we were finally able to tend to Teta's body.  Or we would have would Delita let us near.  However as he approached, I realize only now that we'd forgotten Golagros had retreated into the fort, where he'd threatened explosives lay in wait.  A blast took myself and Lilly off our feet, while Ramza went to Delita's aid.



Animated Sequence

Unfortunately we all saw him engulfed in flame as the rest of the fort went up in a fantastic display of chaos.  We more or less scattered from there.  I did what I could to keep up with Ramza, but I've yet to see any of the others.  It's only been a day, but I still worry.  They know the task I've undertaken, and... hopefully when we meet again their hearts won't have swayed.  They're all good people, I would loathe to hear they've fallen to some poor fate.

((So yeah, there's some graphical errors that go on, like the menus...

Now at the end of this chapter we're skipping ahead some time.  Thus far, I've been using Jacky's journal dates alongside in-game dates, but... I refuse to believe that literally only ONE DAY passes 'in game'.  Naw.  So over the course of... a while... I'll be posting spread out entries, mostly random dates with meeting up, and meeting, the other 'generics' we'll keep using along the course of the game!

Thank you for reading and, coming soon, Chapter 2!))

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((Been a long time coming, over 2 years since I bothered to update, but over two years before I felt I had an audience AND the motivation to continue things. It's a lot of hard work, and truly any readers are appreciated JUST by taking a few minutes to read my silly drivel in the form of a Let's Play!
Before we begin again, let's take a look at the old Squad?

Nothing new, nothing old, let's continue!))

-January 25

---------- ELSEWHERE ----------

---------- RETURNING ----------

Following a lead on Delita's sister, we come across a squadron of Death Corps hiding in an old windmill. I find it rather... unusual that someone bring such a rare white Chocobo to thier battle, rather than send it away. I hate to do it any harm, but... I do what must be done...

((Familiar name, don'tcha think?  Remember him... and I don't mean light a candle, we'll see him again later.  Also, that is the UBER rare "Serpentarius" Zodiac.  Remember when they tried to implement that for real? Mechanically speaking, this means he has no best/worst relationship with any other Zodiac.))

But that doesn't mean I have to point a blade at it's direction. We'll keep that among ourselves.

This man, Wiegraf, took Teta on the presumption she was of Ramza's house. In a way, she is, but, not by blood or name. Though he didn't seem to be too upset at this, he had no qualms going on dragging the Beoulve name through the mud as far as he could. The sting of hearing his sister was dead surely did not help, but, even this was news to me. I was sure we took Miluda captive? Was she... executed? At our backs?

To say that his brothers planned the kidnapping of Marquis Elmdor, that they plot to help take the throne for themselves. I could almost call that heresy!

It left a bitter taste in Ramza's mouth to be sure, but what's worse is that Teta was naught to be seen where she should have been. Our last hope is the formerly-abandoned Fort Zeakden.

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-January 21

We return to Igros to report our success, only to find that the Death Corps had attacked the castle while we were away.  What inconvenient timing, as I fathom many things could have been prevented had we not been so eager for a little piece of glory.  Though none of us are truly to blame in any fashion.

Until, yet again, Algus opened his mouth.  Judging by the expressions, our group was about half-and-half on going to resuce Delita's sister, Teta, who'd been taken hostage.  Watching Delita and Ramza argue, hearing it, I think we saw both sides, but how we wanted to act... we were split.

However, Algus once more projected his disdain for 'the commoner', and was promptly rewarded with Delita's right hand.  Only Ramza moved to stop him from furthering the beating.  Myself, and us others, I do not think many, if any of us are born of true noble blood.  I too have grown weary of writing about Algus's foul words. 

After Delita stormed off, Ramza sent Algus on his way. And good riddance. However he parted with actual advice for  once; the Death Corp's base.  In hopes of finding Teta, we head there.

-January 24

We find a squadron of Death Corps trying to flee. It's impecible what timing we have.  However we've run into Miluda as well, and they were determined to run us down and through in order to escape us. As much as Ramza truly tried to come to terms with them, there was no reasoning, and we had to put them to death, lest we ourselves fall.  A name was spoken; Golgoros, during the fight. 

At least we know now who has Teta, and can better track her.


(I'd promised a character update but... it was lost as it was supposed to go at the TOP of this entry, not the bottom. Here's the jist of things so far)

Ramza - Lv 8 (Lv 4 Thief w/Poach)
Gwynn - Lv 11 (Lv 5 Knight w/Eq Crossbow)
Lilly R. - Lv 11 (Lv 1 Geomancer w/Steal)
Zappa - Lv 10 (Lv 4 Thief w/Punch Arts)
Olive - Lv 11 (Lv 2 Summoner w/Black Magic)
Yuu - Lv 8 (Lv 1 Marksman 3/14 progress to Mime)
Jacky - Lv 11 (Lv 1 Oracle w/White Magic)

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-January 17

Arriving at Irgos Castle, again I part ways with Ramza so he may have audience with his brother.  I do not know when, or if I should tell Ramza what it is that I am doing, but there is no harm in not telling him either.  I am but keeping a diary... only of his action and not my own. 

I made it a point to ask how his meeting went, and as a reward for rescuing the Marquis, rather than punishment for disobeying orders, we're asked to attack one of the Death Corps's many hideouts.  We'll be heading south tomorrow.

(In the following battle on Mandalia Plains, on the 18th... I accidentally overleveled while just trying to build up JP.  Ramza was left behind at level 5 while the rest of the party averages 11.  Next entry will have a party summary, as many of the team are where I want them... particularly Jacky!)

-January 19

 The trip was short and uneventful, but it would seem that, as before, they are ready for a fight at a moment's notice.  I suspect they already knew they were being hunted by ourselves and others.

(Algus I wish you wouldn't :( )

As I watched the fighting, I found that many of the Death Corps's men were easily... swayed by Miss Lilly.  I always though she dressed suggestively, and her body...  Well, she puts it to use in a rather deadly fashion. I'm glad she is on our side.

After we felled most of the Thieves, we captured their leader, a woman by the name of Miluda. 

I wish I could say I was shocked to hear such devaluing words leave Algus's mouth but... it's almost too common from him now.  There was no need  to slaughter everyone, and, as best we could, we did no such thing.

I won't try and deny that we've killed nobody, but, we certainly do not slaughter them like the animals Algus treats them as. 

That aside, Algus was wholly outnumbered in his opinion.  Not Ramza nor Delita agreed either, and it was just... baffling to see him believe that our opinion, the 8 of us, was the uncommon, wrong, opinion.

---------- ELSEWHERE ----------

(And the following scene, after the battle ends, Teta/Tietra is absconded with, but... Ramza Jacky and party will find that out soon enough.)

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-January 11

It took an unfortunate amount of time, but we were finally able to find the "Sand Rat Cellar" that was mentioned to us. We'd hoped that there was only the one, and our search would be ended swiftly.

The number of guards were surprisingly small, and smaller still were the ones that did not outright flee when we arrived. The shift in numbers was quite the boon. I know now that Algus, unsurprisingly, did very little to aid us, and we found him feigning injury once more. Though nobles we aren't, I begin to wonder if he thinks us as lowly as the Death Corps themselves.

When we got to the Marquis, he was unconscious. Both the leader and captain of the Death Corps were there, though only their leader Wiegraf stood. He insisted we take the Marquis back, much to our surprise.

As were his words, it was not his intention to take the Marquis at all, rather, it was this Gustav's undertaking, as a desperate resort for living funds.

Wiegraf bartered his own life for the Marquis, but despite Algus's objection, we took the offer. Even if outnumbered, *I hear a wild beast is most dangerous when backed into a corner.

With the Marquis in our custody, we've nothing but the long trip back to Igros. I can only hope without incident.

*That sounds rather disgusting of me to say, and it's not my intention to call the man a wild beast, but compare his situation so.

-January 16

Tomorrow we arrive in Igros with the Marquis. With him around, I've seen Algus's attitude change drastically. He cooperates and is kind, surely to save face. Aside bandits and monsters along the route, nothing has occurred of note.

We are becoming more learned in battle as well. Miss Lilly has shown amazing speed, and Gwynn fantastic accuracy no matter the situation. Zappa continues to charge into battle recklessly, but always seems to come out on top somehow, and like myself, Olive as taken to the magical arts.

I feel that if another long, uneventful trek occurs, I may transcribe a personal talk with one of our own. If this task is to become as grand as Professor Darlavon and I believe, recording their lives and thoughts will be just as important as Ramza's activities.

--- ---

((This time we've gotten access to two new classes, but nothing about their commands has changed at all.  Oracle and Time Mage.))

Now let's take a look at our Einherjar, as of entering Irgos:
Ramza (lv.5) Lv.1 Thief
Gwynn (lv.8) Lv.2 Knight (Lv.4 Marksman) w/Equip Crossbow
Lilly R. (lv.8) Lv.2 Knight (Lv.3 Thief) w/Steal (Heart/Helm/Weapon)
Zappa (lv.7) Lv.2 Marksman (Lv.3 Monk) w/Punch Arts
Olive (lv.8) Lv.2 Time Mage (Lv.4 Wizard) w/Black Magic
Yuu (lv.3) Lv.2 Squire (Lv.3 Chemist)
Jacky (lv.9) Lv.3 Wizard (Lv.5 Priest) w/White Magic

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Rather than consume precious space on a plot-related post, let's cover a few of the classes that I've come across.  Things have been changed in 1.3!

First here we see the Squire.  Everyone's standard. And for Delita as well, it remains unchanged from the standard "Squire" everyone else gets.
We know the first two. Heal cures basic status ailments to a nearby unit. Wish brings them back to life, and Cheer Up grants Regen to a nearby unit.  Target is a sure-hit attack that supersedes Reaction skills.  Beatdown is a heavy hitting, almost 2x, attack with terrible accuracy.

Next is our bestie Algus.  He came with his Basics all learned.  I feel that these skills are going to bite me in the ass at the end of the chapter.  And yes, that's redundant of the Knight's skills too.  He'd have to learn them over on Knight as well.  Genius!

Our hero, Ramza The Incompetent!  Yell is the only difference, which casts Haste, rather than just adding a +1 to speed.  No longer does 'Wish' give HP at the cost of Ramza's own.

Next is Wizard, which really cut out a TON of magic (the four levels of the elements) and simplified it.
Explosion attacks a single tile, and might cause Oil status.  Chain Lightning hits in a line and has NO CAST TIME.  Cyclone may cause Float... why?  Mjollnir is our lightning spell that might cause Stop, Blizzard may cause slow.  Shatter ONLY claims to work on people with the Stop status!  Meltdown is a suicide move that deals damage based on missing HP.  The one spell not seen is Dark Holy, which is... just that.

And here is our Priest.  Cure, Life, Full Life, Reraise, and Regen, (as well as the unseen lower spells of Protect, Shell, Wall, Esuna, and Holy) are nothing new.  Rejuvinate is your Cure 3-4.  Spirit Surge is a lesser level Holy spell. And Holy Strike is a melee attack that may cause Confusion.

All of these I either should've done sooner, or in the case of Wizard, I just got them.

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-January 9

We have reached Doreter, a trade city that's fallen into a bit of disarray after the war, but, still the city thrives. We'd chosen to split up for the sake of getting more information faster. Hopefully someone had seen the Marquis. Of course Algus was off in a hurry to find the Marquis and we could not let him be by himself. Ramza and Delita took with him while the rest of us split into other groups to ask around.

We were lucky to come across two of the Death Corp fighting amongst one another, and luckier still that Delita recognized one of them on the spot. And from so far away at that. Yuu claimed to recognize him as well as Olive but... we know well that Olive doesn't not speak up often.

While we'd split up, I wish I knew what manner of conversation the three of Ramza, Algus, and Delita had, because the boy was eager for a fight once more of the Death Corp arrived to cover the escape of their leader, Wiegraff.

I'd not seen him so eager for a fight before, and yet, considering Algus's mannerisms, I would not put it past Ramza to need to let off some steam, and whom better than those who are troubling the peace.

Between our two teams, we managed to scatter or kill the Death Corps, as well as capture one of them as well. Of course Algus insisted on seeing to his interrogation. Ramza, Delita and I made sure to accompany him. I had no interest in interrogating him myself but, for the sake of observation I went along. At least twice now I've missed out on things Ramza has done. He was considerate enough to share with us his conversations, but I feel that may not last for much longer.

Or at least not with Algus in our company. I believe we would do well to rescue the Marquis without him, even if it is not our place.

Again, Algus shows no respect for his fellow man, bandit he may be. The man spent more time beating our captive than he did asking him questions. Had I the power, I'd have stopped him. Fortunately Ramza was considerate enough to at least put in effort. I'd have liked him to put hands on Algus but... At least we got the information we were ideally after.

We make way north for Zeklaus Desert.

Go here for an extension to the entry.  All about some of the classes not previously mentioned or featured.

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-January 8

Our journey is once more halted by a run in with monsters. It was a surprise to only see a pack of goblins, rather than more bandits attempting to train the beasts for their own nefarious purposes.

Algus was 'convinced' this time around to pull his own weight, however when he did so, he snatched Gwynn's crossbow from his hands and set off on his own hurried hunt. By the time we'd caught up with him, he'd been laid out.

I cannot say this to the others, but, I've become more interested in him. I'd like to understand what motivates him so that he cannot handle himself in a fight, yet is so angry and determined to recover the Marquis. To me, he is determined, yet incapable. As I have observed, this is also the case with Yuu; eager and determined to work hard, and yet, unable to put out the effort needed to prove themselves capable. At the least, in Yuu's case, they are willing to cooperate. I believe they simply need time and experience. They have patience, which it seems Algus utterly lacks.

Miss Lilly took responsibility for 'motivating' Algus and managed to recover Gwynn's bow in the process. For keeping herself a mystery, she's proven herself invaluable. Perhaps one of these days I can sit down and talk with her.

That's not a terrible idea, honestly.

Goblins aren't much different statistically. There's another Romhack "Final Fantasy Tactics Rebirth" that I hear made Goblins capable of stealing accessories from the get-go. However...

Their Turn Punch has a larger range! Of TWO! And more height tolerance.

Monks haven't changed in their basic 'Punch Art' skills. What did change was their 'Hamedo' being replaced by the Samurai's counter skill, 'Meatbone Slash'. Fair for balancing, I suppose?

Currently the party is as follows:
Ramza (lv.3) Lv.4 Squire
Gwynn (lv.4) Lv.1 Marksman (Did Not Sortie)
Lilly R. (lv.4) Lv.2 Marksman
Zappa (lv.4) Lv.1 Monk
Olive (lv.4) Lv.1 Wizard (DNS)
Yuu (lv.1) Lv.1 Chemist (DNS)
Jacky (lv.4) Lv.2 Priest
--- ---
Delita (lv.2) Lv.3 Squire (who cares?)
Algus (lv.4) Lv.1 Archer (For LP purposes. He came with Lv.6 Squire!)
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-January 4

Due in large part to Algus's company and his curious inability to get along with others. It's a wonder how it is he was the ONLY one that got away while the rest of his squad was slaughtered and the Marquis Elmdor was taken captive. The way he speaks to belittle everyone... Did he flee on his own, or sell out his friends for his own sake.

Or perhaps I'm simply not at ease with his attitude. He speaks ill of others when he thinks he cannot be heard. Zappa has had to be held back from assaulting him.

The night before we arrived at Igros, we were accosted by thieves. I wonder if they were reinforcements to those we'd saved Algus from earlier.

((Look at that level disparity! My team is only level 1-3!))

-January 5

We have reached Igros Castle. While Ramza took Delita and Algus to see his brother, the rest of us reported for guard duty, as was our assignment. They didn't seem to be any short on guard, but they appreciated the support from Gariland.

It was during us settling into the barracks that Ramza had returned. He spoke with us, telling that at first we would be here but, one of his brothers had tipped him off to the Marquis's presence. He wants to help Algus, but going on their own would mean certain death.

I cannot say for certain, but I feel that when I agreed to go along, I swayed the opinion of my companions. Perhaps they are just as dedicated to my task as I am. And they know well that I cannot do it alone.

Before we left the barracks, the head of the guard asked that we take one more with us. Their name is Yuu and, I'll be perfectly honest, I cannot discern their gender at a glance, and I feel most awkward to just ASK. However they seem capable, and more manpower, the better.

((Yuu is actually a slot-filling place holder. New characters are added into missing numbers. When other characters were cleared out, it left a gap between Olive and Jacky. Later on, if this isn't filled, Rad, Alicia, or Lavian would be put here, or any other guest-gone-recruit. Because I'm too organized, I filled the slot with Yuu (because, hey you, they're not supposed to know what kind of person, even gender, they are). Yuu was randomly picked to be male (alternating male to female searching for good Brave/Faith scores), and their job will be changed at random after every battle they take part in. We'll see if they make it to Mime by the end of the game!))

-January 6

I was wrong about the thieves from the night before. They were simply thieves. We came across more of the Death Corp today, whom were looking for yesterday's patrol which we'd had it out with to save Algus.

Algus refused, outright, to leave the safety of the caravan. Yuu fought along with us but told us, before we returned to the group, that he heard Algus speak "Let the low-born fight amongst themselves. He'll save his strength for those who took the Marquis."

We returned to see Algus nursing a blow to his cheek. I suspected Zappa or Gwyn, but it was Olive who'd struck him!

-January 7

We have returned to Gariland, and simply stopped by to restock and better arm ourselves. It's impressive how much more we learn through true trials of battle, rather than mock combat and textbooks.

((We can see here that "Archer" is now renamed "Marksman" and comes with entirely more useful skills. Timed strike is much like Charge +2, and Stunning Strike will INTERRUPT casting!))

((Knight is still largely the same, but the 'Ruin' skills are now MP based, with a range of 2, rather than the weapon's range. It's different, but not necessarily better or worse.))

((Having forgot to show this before, Squire has a slew of new skills. Wish is now a common skill that revives allies. Beat Down is a low-accuracy hit with probably +1 physical assigned to it. Cheer Up grants regen on a target. Accumulate now has a charge time!))

((And with that I leave you with this curious mistake in the coding!))

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-January 2

After a day of rest and mourn, we moved on to Igros Castle as per our assignment. The fastest route was through Mandlia Plains, often called the "Beast Plains", so I suspect we'll have to fight our way through at some point. I suppose were it easy, we'd not need training to protect ourselves.

It was not long before my suspicions were correct, but rather than find many monsters, we found yet another gang of thieves, beating up upon another knight. His sigil and armor were unlike our own so I suspect he was not from the region, however, at Ramza's suggestion we all pulled together to save him. I feel Delita was against the idea, but, not to be unfair to Ramza's friend, we outnumber him by number and force.

Algus was his name, and he was most appreciative to see us, but there was little time for pleasantries.

I had only heard tales of them, but a Tonberry had wandered onto the battlefield. At first I thought it possible it would strike at the enemy, whom was nearer. I believe now, though, someone managed to tame the creature for their own uses. Not once did it take offense towards our enemy. ((For those whom recall, this map had a Cougar amongst the enemy. It has been replaced with a Tonberry! It only ever hit me with Voodoo.))

Gwynn once more proves his skill with a bow. ((Squires can now, by default, equip a Crossbow and Shields. However the *Special* Squires, Ramza and Delita, cannot equip either! Algus, despite his special sprite, is still considered a normal Squire.))

Miss Lilly, as she's insisted I call her, showed no fear attacking the thieves. Even as they attempted to beat her back, she frighteningly outclassed them. ((Squire's Counter Tackle was replaced with a Counter Throw (stone), which counters melee and ranged attacks, and has a higher chance of knockback.))

I feel as though after the fight, we learned much more from real-world experience than training and text books ever taught us. I heard that some have even learned things simply by watching others DO it!

((Enemies in general know a LOT more skills, even those outside of the class they're using. The first set was from a single Squire, the second also came from a Squire. What you get is randomized however (proven through save-scumming.))

When the dust of the battle settled, we had all come through alright, Algus included. We were fortunate that the Tonberry wasn't able to reach us through Gwynn's onslaught of arrows. Olive did well to guard the cart with Zappa, however Zappa brags that she was trying to lob arrows from afar. Olive wouldn't confirm nor deny the matter, even when I spoke with her privately about it. Perhaps she's much more skilled than she lets on?

Finally we were free to speak with Algus about his situation. As he tells us, Marquis Elmdore of Limberry was captured by the Corpse Brigade on his way westward. He seemed quite eager and desperate once he learned of Ramza's lineage, and pleaded his help. Since we are on our way to Igros already, there is no harm in letting him come along with us. One more for the road will make the travel safer.

I make note that all of Algus's gratitude went towards Ramza and Ramza alone; with none shown to even Delita, Miss Lilly, or even myself whom helped rescue him. Hopefully he will speak to the rest of us soon, though it is not as though I am seeking personal glory or justification, thanks is only proper.
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-December 28

I went to Instructor Darlavon to discuss a dream I had. However one of the other instructors he was with was there, and as I began to explain, describing one of our classmates Ramza, they all found my dream more interesting. I thought it concerning since, dreams often seen as a sign of the future and this one was awfully vivid, the feeling of the air, the magic flying around me, seeing Princess Ovelia kidnapped.

They, too, had the same dream, and though many of the other faces were unclear, they all saw Ramza there. So it was decided that I should try to stay near him, since we are in the same squadron here at Gariland Akademy. Something great and important may be happening, if three unrelated people are having visions of his future.

I do not know how well I could help him in a real battle but, at the least I can watch, and record. This is all I need to do, is it not?

-December 30

I've convinced some of my squadron to stick with me, should something truly happen. It's good to know I have this support. But for now, we celebrate the incoming new year.

-January 1

With the new year, our squad, Ramza and his friend included, were to be assigned defense of Igros Castle. However, shortly into the announcement, we received word thieves sneaked into the city, and we were tasked with defending it before anything else.

Though our groups were split up to cover the city, we, along with Ramza, were the lucky... no... the unlucky ones to find the thieves.

Myself, a purveyor of healing arts, though I do like to dabble around. ((And our scribe we're reading from.))

Gwynn. He's rather good with a bow.

Olive. Also good with a bow, but she seems reluctant about it.

Celine. She was fairly quick on her feet, and observant.

Neilson. He's always try to help others in other squad study. Smart for sure, but not the most... dexterous.

McGyle. He was always scheming something, but I never really spoke with him much.

I make mention of everyone to remember them as... not all of us made it through that day. And not all of us were quite privy to my intentions either. I daresay that I'm at fault for Celine's passing. Had she known my intentions, perhaps she'd not reacted the way she had and taken an arrow in my stead. Neilson was lost to us as well, hoping that nobody had to die that day, even the thieves. One of them took a knife to his back while he was tending to one of their friend's wounds. McGyle... curiously vanished during the confusion. I don't know if he fled or was captured but he neither reported in, nor was his body found afterward.

Ramza and his friend Delita held their own for a while, but managed the get themselves both knocked out. I tended to him quickly, and he soon saw to his friend rather than continue subduing the thieves afterward.

After the matter, we were joined by two other cadets from other squads, or... so they say at least.

Zappa, or so he says his name is. He seems eager and capable. ((Why yes, this is a self-insert!))

Lilly. She's rather... erm... mature, but she seems quite experienced. ((And yes, my OC. I only have the one really.))

Ramza went off to have a talk with his family, so in the meantime I had a talk with our new ranks, bringing everyone up to speed. Olive and Gwynn were aware of my objective, but at least now I've brought the rest up to speed, with good responses as well. I'm very fortunate that even strangers would support me in such a curious endeavor.
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Horray longass titles! So this is the start of my written Let's Play of Final Fantasy Tactics. A romhack known as "Vesion 1.3" produced by Insane Difficulty. The hack does a LOT of rebalancing and fixing of classes, eliminating some broken aspects and adding a few more, like changing Archers and their useless "Charge +x" skill to Marksmen and giving them status-afflicting arrows. As well as generally improving the enemy AI and making the whole of the game harder.

This particular version of the game is 1.3.06, so it's not the most up-to-date, but it's also a particular mod that changes one of the biggest things about 1.3, which is enemy scaling. Players of FFT know that only random encounters scale with you, keeping at about your level, where story battles were fixed in level. 1.3 has all encounters scale with you! However, this version of 1.3.06 removes the scaling, so that you can grind (mostly for JP!) and be a little over-prepared for story fights while randos are harder. All the fights are harder.

http://www.insanedifficulty.com/idwiki/index.php?title=Final_Fantasy_Tactics_1.3 Here you'll find a whole detailed list of things. So let's move on to the perspective.

While there are a bajillion and one LPs on YouTube for the game, including Romhacks and War of the Lions (and it's Romhack 1.3), this LP is written from a character perspective! As per the story of FFT, Orran Durai somehow wrote and documented Ramza's adventure. Fuckall if we know how he did that as he never joins the party. But that said, nobody actually documents the adventures of the people who were with Ramza; the Gariland Academy recruits. So from that this LP will be written, more or less, from the perspective of one of those characters.

Jacqueline (or Jacky as the random generator gave me) will be tasked by a combination of Darlavon and another scholar who all had a strange coinciding dream that something very important was to happen to one of the academy's recruits; Ramza Beoulve. Now we all know what happens, but in the sense of historical preservation, Jacqueline decides to try and tag along with Ramza and his travels, as well as convincing a few of her fellow recruits that something will happen and she needs their help to see things through.

That said, most of the LP will be from her eyes, some chapters may be seen from the eyes of others, or interviews with the characters. Jokes and mockery of Ramza behind his back will be had. This LP isn't about Ramza, it's about those generics that supported him that never gained position or fame afterward. After all, who cares about a buncha random heretics (clearly guilty by association)

So let us rock on! And always remember. Surrender or die in obscurity!

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Crystal Melodies

Allenby Beardsley
Mobile Fighter G Gundam

MarKus Haley
2 Hell We Ride
OC: Frame Rider Technica

Barbariccia (Valvalis)
Final Fantasy IV

Homeless Character List

Princess Alicia/Allura

Banjou Haran
BlackHole SunAttack
Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3

Foo Fighters
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

Daisuke Yamamoto/Kamen Rider Amazon
Kamen Rider Amazon

Gainer Sanga
Turning Yaponese
Overman King Gainer

Garrod Ran
After War Gundam X

Hiiro Yuy
New Mobile Report: Gundam Wing

Hixar Fermi
Rods and Cones
Mobile Suit Gundam 00F

Kan'u ZZ Gundam
DoubleZeta Top
SD Gundam Sangokuden: BB Warriors

Mio Sakamoto
AcesHigh Sword
Strike Witches

Chelsea Haley
AcesHigh DealWithIt
OC: SRW Unlimited Generation :D

Joanne Royston
Armored Runaway
OC: Unforeseen Circumstances

Lilly Platinum
OC: In Too Deep!

Zatonichi/DJ RGNK
OC: SRW: Unlimited Generation @lpha

Started From The Bottom
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Schwarz Bruder
Mobile Fighter G Gundam

The Boy
Secret of Evermore

Uriko "The Halfbeast" Nonomura
Kenpo Kitty
Bloody Roar 2

Suikoden (series)
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So after a day off, I have my 2nd day off and I got a wild hair up my ass to make the White Ogre from MS Igloo.

After a couple hours of solo farming I have all the general aesthetic parts I need, as well as having gotten the next level Axe technique, and a bare-handed technique. I also picked up Char's Zaku legs, which instantly unlocks a "Ground Shaker" flying kick.

I also ended up playing with some other players as well. While I tried to stick with low-level missions, I got pulled into a few higher ranking ones, which, is higher ranking drops but TOO high for my current levels... I can build them, SURE but... kind of lame to give me stuff that I have to sit on for a while. I might just trade them in... (except the Twin Beam Lance. That shit's mine.)

I've spent many an hour playing, but not any actual forward progress. More like... just grinding, seeing what can drop, though little has dropped that's an improvement. I've begun to make my main build more and more like the G-Saviour as aesthetically as I can, but the parts aren't coming along. I've been using a Heavyarms chest while I wait until I can use a more accurate chest piece, and not really using it's machine canons. While the Full Open attack is spiffy it's... too costly at this point. I'll keep the parts around for much later though.

Ultimately, at the end of the day I have 3 different kits, and not necessarily for regular use, though... I've gotten to a point where until I get better at putting together the pieces at want to actually put them to work, but they're more of... display purposes.

Head: GN-0000 (Gundam 00)
Body: ZGMF-X10A ♦♦♦ (Freedom Gundam)
Arms: XXXG-01H ♦♦♦♦♦ (Heavyarms Gundam EW)
Legs: MS-06J ♦
Backpack: ZGMF-X10A ♦♦♦♦♦
Shield: RX-78-2 ♦
Weapon (M): none
Weapon (L): Clay Bazooka
Options: Homing Missile (Heavyarms Arms), Missile Launcher (Zaku legs), Repair S, Cracker grenade
EX-Acts: Triple Blast (Bazooka), Hammer Blow (unarmed), Heroic Finish
Modules: Hunt Breaker *1

I went with a G-saviour paint color scheme (I had to bring my model along for color reference, and much to my dismay there IS no F91 in the system at all, and no signs of it coming). The Freedom chest is the closest in looks, are the arms for Heavyarms. However the Freedom wings are... a temporary measure.

I've learned that there's also a build capacity. The number is mostly based on the body quality, but you get an added bonus for the backpack as well. That number allows you to use better weapons, EX-Acts, and Options in greater quality and quantity.

I also got my first 'module' which is explicitly an in-game 'equip' item. Funny that I have slots for 3 and I had to raise my in-game rank to 14 just to use the ONE I got. Maybe there's lower level ones as I did get it as part of a drop from playing with higher-ranking players and missions.

Speaking of that... YEAH, be careful... and bring along a long range skill that'll knock people down... it'll help the stronger allies break parts and YOU benefit by getting rarer stuff. I'm waiting to use a Hi-Nu body and head... hopefully it's assembled well enough!

*1 -Modules act as various buffs and modifiers. This one decreases my EX-Act cooldown for every kill I get, and replenishes my Option ammo for every part I break by 10%
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A new Gunpla promo went international. Finally! So international that even where I live, Austin, got a Gunpla arcade, though, it's far less a competitive scene and more of a social one with this new promo.

There's rankings, and skill levels, and actual rewards of kit pieces! (but fuuuuuck the monthly fee tho... So worth it though, as long as you keep playing!)

UN-fucking-fortunately, the whole skill level thing means you really have to start out with the mookiest of mooks and work your way up to using the higher tier, popular stuff. I was lucky enough to actually HAVE something worth starting with but honestly... it's not what I REALLY wanted to start with. I *WANTED* my G-Saviour, but I guess I'll start with my Blue Destiny*1

So the game accounts for two things while you play. OS Level, which is basically your experience... the more you play, and the better, you rank up and it lets you use better parts from the more popular kits (like Wing Zero's Wings or Strike Freedom's chest which has a Buster Canon in it). But all the newbletts have to start with, basically, a GM (or Jim depending on how you like to pronounce it.) They had a ton on sale on-site so it kinda works out for people who were starting and couldn't use THEIR kits, or were new entirely.*2

The other bar is your building skill. The game will spit out runners for parts depending on the stuff in the stage. As you build the parts, it judges the quality of the assembly (as well as tiny things like scratches, nicks, misalignment, nubs, and other probably miniscule factors. The better you assemble the parts the higher the 'quality' which factors into part stats. *3

Anyway, I spent some time just grinding up ranks and skills, during which I made some parts exchanges, as well as picking up an all-important Beam Javelin. It's no Twin Beam Spear, but it'll suffice, though I may finish earning the next level Axe technique.

Oh yeah, weapons have techniques, it's easy to get the first rank, but the second means using the first level pretty damn often. Or maybe it's a number of missions it's used, IDK yet.

I also learned one of my EX-Acts is actually a point multiplier! If I use it while a bonus is on screen BAM double points. Dynamic Finish!

Another spiffy thing is they have a recycling program in place. You can trade in runners to add to a 'Credit' total, to trade in for stuff like in-game skins (both for your avatar and camo patterns) and other unique items. You can also trade in parts and used runners for less of an exchange, but who knows what they do with them plastic. Still, better than just generating a ton of trash. If you don't like it, trade it in.*4


Now that I'm home and stuff's built, here's what I have to take in next time.

Blue Density
Head: RX-78-2 (Gundam) ♦ (with vulcan option)
Body: RX-78-2 ♦
Arms: RX-78-2 ♦♦♦
Legs: MS-06J (Zaku II Ground Type) ♦ (with missile pod option)
Backpack: RX-78-2 ♦ (with beam saber option)
Shield: RGM-79GS ♦
Weapon (M): Beam Javelin ♦
Weapon (L): Beam Rifle mk2 ♦♦♦♦
Options: Beam Saber (Gundam type) ♦, Missile launcher ♦, Repair S, Cracker grenade
EX-Acts: Mirage Shot, Heroic Finish

*1-I don't own a Blue Destiny yet, but I have a GM Striker.
*2-For intents and purposes, BD Unit 01 registers as a blue-painted GM, as EXAM isn't an active module (in the game itself)
*3-This is the parallel to the Build stat which is just an experience bar you gain from 'creating' parts from runners.
*4-This is actually reversed, but mostly it's the parallel to selling unwanted parts and runners for the shop credits (which there's little available at this point). You get more for built parts, as the value goes up based on it's number of ♦'s, and a lower, flat value for unbuilt runners, which you can sell immediately after the mission. For now, it's better to build everything you get until you max out Build rank.
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Gundam Breaker is a Japanese game for the PS3. It's played on the premise of something similar to Gundam Build Fighters and Gunpla Builders: Beginning G, where the player is playing a VR game using actual kits scanned into the game.

Given nobody cares about the plot enough to translate the plot, there IS no plot to be provided.

Therefor, my progress throughout the game will be as if this new 'Game system' is an international promotional for Gunpla, including locations in many major cities/capitals in the US. I'll be updating my rank and parts as well as any interesting accomplishments within the various stages of the game; such as epic rare drops outside of grinding, fighting 1/100 or 1/60 scale kits.

For those lucky enough to have played the Beta when it was a free download for the PS3 or Vita, any parts attained during the beta will transfer over to the new game, though Builder and OS levels need to be attained again through gameplay in order to use the parts. (in my case my best drops were the arms and body for Gundam Heavyarms, as well as wing-cloak for Master Gundam, none of which I can use.)

The game forces you to learn the controls while playing as a stock GM, then a second stage with an AI ally, both of which I've done and will be foregoing for the sake of this 'story'. After the first 3 stages I've picked up a few parts, including those of the Zaku II, Zaku IIS, and the Dom, as well as various model parts (in varying qualities) of other GM-types.

Current build (As of ep 0)

GM BlueDensity
Head: RGM-79 (GM)
Body: RGM-79GS ♦ (GM Command Space-type)
Arms: RGM-79N (GM Custom)
Legs: RGM-79
Backback: RGM-79 ♦ *Backpacks offer various additional equipment, such as stronger boosters and back-mounted weapons. In this case, it's a beam saber, which allows me to use a single-strike beam saber attack even if I have a different melee weapon equipped.)
Shield: RGM-79GS ♦
Weapon (M): Heat-Hawk ♦♦♦
Weapon (R): Beam Rifle mk2 ♦♦♦♦
Options: Vulcans (part of GM head), Beam Saber (part of GM backpack), Repair S (a recovery item), Cracker Grenade (extra offensive weapon I haven't used but bought in-game) *Optional parts are equipped to the D-pad, and are typically extra weapons that aren't part of the usual handheld stock, or are built-in weapons, as well as various recovery items.
EX-Acts: Tornado Axe (Axe), Armor Repair (Support), Heroic Finish (some special attack I'm still unclear of, but it is a nifty pose... this still needs testing.) *EX-Acts are extra attacks that are either weapon-type specific or dependent upon having specific parts equipped such as the body/arms/legs of Heavyarms for the 'Full Open' attack)

The game keeps track of 2 experience bars: OS, and Build. OS is gained through missions, and the higher your rank, the better tier parts you can use. Build is gained after acquiring runners from missions, and 'building' them. As they're built, your Build level and RNG are used to determine the rank of the part itself, between 0 and 10 stars. The higher the stars, the higher it's stats (so a 3-star (♦♦♦) is almost always better than a 1-star part(♦))

The game also had DLC codes, but it requires you register on Gundam Perfect Games with an Japanese IP address, which is also what allows uploading your GP to it's site for sharing/stats/viewing. Meaning the extra dollar I spend on the sealed copy with aforementioned codes was wasted. No Chair's Haiku Shiek or Freedom parts for me. Not that I care all that much.
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Player Name: Zs1
Personal LJ: On file
AIM Contact: On file
Character Name: Janus Grey
Source Canon: Afterman: The Ascension
Community Tag: The Afterman

Notes: This story is based off elements (mostly song titles) from the Coheed & Cambria album "Afterman: The Ascension

Background: Much of Janus's history is lost to himself. The poor man awakes from a coma with little to no memory of his past, only his name, and a dream...

~*The Dream*~
Janus, or at least his consciousness drifts about in a backdrop of space. A sea of stars and galaxies sprinkle along the darkened void. A voice comes to him, a cosmic, godly voice that speaks a long forgotten tongue that is said no living mortal to this day has the physical ability to even attempt such godly and unearthly syllables. And yet, he can comprehend it.

He's told that he is a man chosen to prevent a divine tragedy. He's told that his home planet, Earth, is in peril, and should it be destroyed in this tragedy, many other worlds will befall the same fate in the wake of Earth's destruction. However, at the scale it is at now, these being's intervention is on such a cosmic scale that preventing it would cause just as much damage to his solar system as leaving it be.

He's told that he will be given the power to stop it at HIS level, where super human intervention is key to saving his and many other worlds. In order to save his world he must eliminate four false gods from his world, who's mere existence is calling forth a far more terrible cosmic entity to his world. Upon his return to his world, he, too, will become a cause for the attraction of this creation; however, it will become weakened, as it's power is now further split; and thus, each false god will become weaker in turn.

The entity feeds on their power, and in return it grants unto them power to keep itself in motion. Fathom this as a water pump. As you apply pressure and energy to the pump, you're given the very water needed to keep your body refreshed and in motion. Each of the false gods feeds it, and it feeds them. Janus's presence, however, will divide the feed of energy further, being both powered by the entity, and giving it power to come forth. Yet serving as a tool to destroy the cosmic force, as he eliminates the false gods, he will become more powerful by the entity's power, and will ascend to a level where he can stop it with ease.

However, his explanation, long winded as it is, is cut short, as he's only given the means to activate the power, and not how to use it. The last words he hears before returning to his world, to consciousness, is "after man..."

~*The World of Waking*~
Janus awakens after a coma of 10 years, the only thing about him not a blur is his name, and the dream he'd just had. In those 10 years, he'd become a marvel of medical science; a man who's body and mind continued to fully function; not a sign of atrophy or cerebral decay, and yet, he simply did not return to consciousness, or respond to outside intervention.

After 10 years and abruptly waking, he was ready to storm his way out of the door. He had a divine duty to save the world, and no amount of doctors, walls, or scientists were going to stop him from doing so. In his waking frustration, half-way out of the hospital, Janus crushes the building by summoning a massive machine to form around him.

Within the first minutes of sitting within the center of machine, he's fed information; the location of the false gods, various abilities of the machine, and a time limit to the day the cosmic entity will arrive at earth and rend it asunder simply by passing by. He has 3 years. In short order he turns this power to try and restore the very destruction he'd caused. Using the machine's 'one time ever god-like ability' to rewind time itself, he returns to the point he'd tried to leave the hospital, thus counteracting every life he just ended in his rush to save the world.

For the next few weeks, he calmly waits out test after test, awaiting his release into the world. In that time, he feels after 10 years any semblance of his past is hopeless to find. Nobody has kept in contact with the hospital, aside from an unnamed benefactor that has paid his bills and provided money for the technology needed to look after him. Though he keeps his name, upon leaving the hospital, he dubs himself, and his godly machine "The Afterman", for the last words he heard from the cosmic beings that granted him both power and and life again.

~*Janus; The Afterman*~
Janus's personal history starts THOUSANDS of years before today, before becoming 'The Afterman'.

However, in such a long time, and languages lost, it's hard to give names to people and places even forgotten by the annals of time. 'Janus' as he were then found himself the fancy of a goddess. However, this goddess was the displeased wife, one of many at that, of the god of gods; a diety much comparable to Zeus or Odin. It was easy enough for the goddess to sneak off to the world of mortals and work her way into the heart of Janus.

They fell in love as a mortal man and woman would, but in time, her presence on Earth, and lack thereof amongst the gods finally began to get the attention of the goddess's husband. Finding she was sleeping in the same bed as a mortal, much less gracing her divine presence amongst them day by day, he became vengeful; as many Greek and Norse gods did. However, Janus was not struck down, as was typical for those who shunned or scorned the gods in that era. His life was made a divine misery; anything he came in contact with fell to ruin, ill luck, and tragedy; his home, his city, his livestock, and even his health in time. The only thing that, literally, kept him going was the blessing of the goddess he'd wed on earth. He only remained alive thanks to her.

As mortals do though, he fell into obscurity, and eventually death, shunned by his own man. However, the goddess lived on, and through her, his spirit did as well. Over hundreds upon thousands of years, the goddess would ensure his spirit was born again, and he would become again the same man she came to love; both body, mind, and spirit, and again, she would sneak off to Earth to be with him. The times between his death and rebirth, more than a few hundred years, easily, was only a blink of an eye to an eternal being such as her.

However, in the year 20XX, she was finally caught recreating him again. Quite tired of her games, the goddess was sealed away in a mortal body, to live as a mortal on earth, and die amongst them, in obscurity and dishonor (as was done with many demi and lesser gods when they disgraced themselves or their kind). Though physically sealed away, they still bore power over their domains; be that war, cruelty, vengeance, or faith.

But the god of gods was not satisfied with this. He would, again, turn his life into one of misery, woe, and tragedy. Though other gods had been sealed away on Earth to die as mortals, he thought to use Janus as a means to an end of his own satisfaction. The god twisted time and life, and replaced several gods, the goddess included, in bodies that would surround Janus in his final mortal life. He would place them as close as he could; family and friends. And it was by the god's hand that he would fall into a coma in an accident, knowing full well that the goddess would do everything in her power to to keep him alive and bring him back. The god let time pass, and after 10 years, leading the other gods-as-mortals down the roads of chaos and infamy, he appeared, for the first time, to Janus and granted him the power to destroy a "tragedy that would befall Earth".

Those very gods whom he was giving a divine crusade to destroy would be the very friends and family he'd forgotten; and only granted memory of them after purging their lives from the mortal coil.

Personality: *REQUIRED* (Show us you know the character. At least 3 or 4 paragraphs is a good length for this section.)

Capabilities and Resources: (We know your character has something to do with robots, otherwise you wouldn't be here. But what else does s/he do? Newtype? Geass powers? Own a company? Member of a military in good standing? That all goes here.)

(*REQUIRED* if you have a robot)
Robot Name: (Uh... yeah)
Robot Description: (What weapons does it have and what can they do? Is your mecha a super (superhero-y) robot or a real (military-ish) robot? Does it have any special armor or forcefields? Magical powers? Traits? Can it fly? How? Feel free to link to a wiki or fansite to give an overview, but write the details down here.)
Terrain Stats: (This is optional, but for those who have played SRW, this is a good way to give us a quick judge of how good your mech is overall. For those of you who haven't played the games, they are measured: --, D, C, B, A, S, with -- or D meaning it can't fight there at all and S being the best. Note that only upgrades tend to have an S unless they are entirely gimped or unusable in other areas.)

(*REQUIRED* if you captain a flagship)
Flagship Name: (Uh... yeah)
Flagship Description: (Essentially the same as a robot description... except for a flagship instead. What abilities does it have? Does it have any special support capabilities? Is it intended to be used with specific units or kinds of units?)
Terrain Stats: (Same as above.)

Upgrades: (if any)

Job: (if any)

Suggested Event List:

Key Extraction Entity I: Domino the Destitute
10 years ago, Domino was Janus's brother. As the god's will came down from the cosmos, he became a violent man, boxing for money. Soon it led to a life of crime, and after beating his own employer into a bloody oblivion, he became a crime lord; a man worthy of justice by anyone's hands, yet nothing seemed able to stop him; an unnatural force was on his side.
His name forgotten and unspeakable, the god we will call "The Destitute" lived within Domino's body. The closest of the appointed targets, Janus calls him out by title (which, by these standards, is the same as speaking his unspeakable name), which sends Domino into a flaming fury to take on a towering, horned, muscular form about 30 meters tall, wearing only rather shiny (beam coated) red trunks and what seems to be red clubbed hands. Looking more like a demon than a god, or at the least a god of violence and descturction, Domino has his own little army of various criminals to pilot various mobile suits as his own little army to combat against The Afterman.
Location: A beachside mansion
Enemies: Domino "The Destitute", 10-15 various mook mobile suits.
Plot: After any given beatdown of Domino, he has to be sealed off by The Afterman's "God Breaker" attack, and seal him away within the machine (which appears to be a violent process that actually breaks and collapses the God's body into a small sphere that's contained into The Afterman's chest). It's after The Destitute is sealed and defeated, memories come flood back to Janus, as he can remember his brother, Domino, clearly now; the man he just broke and crushed. Domino was a boxer, and Janus helped him train, helped him and supported him as he nearly had a heavyweight title shot before he was sent into a coma. Dozens of times Domino came to bail Janus's ass out of a confrontation, but they were the best of brothers before his coma.
How had his brother suddenly come to be such a man?

Key Extraction Entity II: Holly Wood the Cracked

Key Extraction Entity III: Vic the Butcher

Key Extraction Entity IV: Evagria the Faithful

Key Extraction Entity V: Janus the Ascended

Sample Post: *REQUIRED* (This should be in character, though it could be a journal entry or an action post or what have you. The purpose of this is to get a feel for your writing style and portrayal of the character.)
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Suggested Event List:
Mission 1: We Run The Night
Setting: Seaside (any beach-bearing city preferably, but not necessary) Night time.
Enemies: http://media.moddb.com/images/members/1/477/476527/Mutant_Crab_3.jpg Monster crab x3 (Appx 50m tall)
http://parasiteeve.wikia.com/wiki/Bog_Divers Mutant sea lion x10 (appx 20m tall)
Breakdown: Fairly simple MOTW event. Beforehand, a deal is struck with Dan/Cap'n and Dr. Hoshizaki to pick up two machines and their pilots. They'll be on standby on a beach where frequent tremors have been detected, as well as monster sightings.
When the crew arrive, there's two machines there not engaged in combat at all. It's shortly after that the first of the monsters wanders up on shore. This is the girls' cue to head out into the water, leaving the rest of the team to deal with whatever happens to come up on land. Most of the monsters remain deeper in the ocean, where it gets a bit difficult for non-specialized units to be combat effective, but others do wander into the shallows or on land. No special events or dialog here
The mutant crabs have an acid-bubble puke they can spit out, but not very far. Only a bit further than the range of their claws.
The mutant sea lions have nothing special going on, and just smash and beat things around

**After the first mission here, the girls will experience a noticeable growth spurt, but, considering they're new, it's not noticeable to anyone else. This is inconvenient to clothing, but not to health.

Mission 2: The Beast and the Harlot
Setting: Ocean (no nearby landmasses)
Enemies: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7011/6676307177_40a1e51014_z.jpg Octo-chick mutant x2 (torso to head appx 30m, tentacles 75m)
http://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-01/art/pe-eve-final-form.jpg "Luna" (10ft tall) -> x5 mutant sea lion
Breakdown: Another sighting of sea monsters leads to another sortie for the girls. Upon arrival, it's two massive mutated ocotpus women fighting with eachother. However ,the obvious wreckage of other ships, likely cargo transports, float about in the water around them. Listening, the two women are fighting over something personal, one of which has something in her hands. When guns are turned on the monsters they attack the team. Something should make the monster drop whats in it's hand.
It becomes apparent that it's some sort of monstrous woman, who begins attacking everyone. She alone seems to have the sort of strength of any of the other machines despite being tiny as hell. After another turn of rampage, if the 2 octopus women haven't been killed already, the woman will flee and call forth 5 of the sea lion mutants from the previous mission. If they have been killed, we can fight with the woman for a while before she simply swims off, faster than the girls machines can keep up.
The octopus women do exactly what you expect them to do, bite, claw, grab and crush with their tentacles. The women, despite clearly yelling at each other or the team, aren't speaking in any comprehensible language.
The smaller woman "Luna" (but unnamed for this mission) Can both swim and fly (limited) at high speeds. She hits with the force equal to say, Shining Gundam. She can emit a black 'cloud' in the water to blind, or spray it out, where it has a corrosive quality. She can also generate electricity within a decent area around her.

**This is where the girls' growth becomes serious and problematic. At least on Lilly's part, her breasts get large enough that it makes breathing difficult. There will be surgery to correct this problem, which reveals that their internal anatomy is being altered as well, more toward an aquatic creature; which is going to allow the girls limited breathing underwater. Like... 10 minutes at most.
"Luna", after calming down on her own, recognizes the designs of the machines she'd just run into and realizes that her dad has set up OTHER people for a fate like hers. And so she sets a plan into motion.

Mission 3: Scream
Setting: Seaside town
Enemies: "Luna" (see prev mission)
http://www.oddballdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/pelican_eel.jpg Mutant pelican eel x10 (appx 45m in length. Mouth can open up to 30m)
Breakdown: With a plan in mind "Luna" sends some mutant creations of her own to attack a seaside town to lure the Girls out. Of course, that part of the plan succeeds, making Luna "retreat" to the ocean. It's there that the Girls receive an epic beating. Their machines are crushed within minimal functionality... enough so that the Girls won't be killed. During, or post, beating she says much of this;
"He probably sent you after me too, didn't he?" "You just let him use you like this." "The longer you keep this up, you're going to end up looking more like me! Or worse!" At this line she'll get right in someone's face. "Or maybe you've already started. Your body changing more every time you use those machine. Those damned machines." "My own father did this to me!" "Do you think he even cares what happens to a couple of random girls?" In all she says, she drives it home that the more the girls use their machines as they are, they'll just end up like her, worse, or, dead at her hands. With those two handled, she states that her father is next. Luna leaves, leaving the girls drifting in their machines in the ocean.
The pelican eels are unusual in that they can both FLY, but also the size of their mouths is misleading. Inside their mouths are hundreds of massive, sharp teeth, and they also possess barbed tails for the stabbing. As per most eels, they can discharge electricity.

**Afterward, while the machines undergo some serious overhaul, the Girls haven't gotten too much worse since the last growth spurt. Another size reduction may be needed, but, internally, they're no different.
Anyone with a science degree, or, chemical know-how, (Samus? Allesandra? Roads?) can probably figure out that the liquid solution in the cockpits only needs a slight adjustment in it's properties to stop with the side effects. Something that would have to be BLATANTLY overlooked to not correct.
At least Lilly has lost all desire to even continue piloting, but, as circumstances lay, hers are the only machines that can perform at that level underwater (Getter 3 aside), and if "Luna" is going to come attack again, they're going to need her. ON TOP of that, the girls are kept on board because they're the ones that know where Hoshizaki's labs are. Honestly, they only have a vague idea what city it is.

Mission 4: Lapdance / Putting on the Ritz
Setting: Some city where we can set Hoshizaki labs. Also, nighttime. Also, preferably with a large lake or river nearby.
Enemies: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b253/Zappa_Slave/Other/TwistedArt06Rover.jpg Mutant urchin (body appx 5m, legs appx 20m, floats) x10, Mutant pelican eel x10, http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b253/Zappa_Slave/Other/TwistedArt07Worm.jpg mutant worm (appx 20m in length) x10, mutant sea lion x10, monster crab x2 (split these between the three fields as you see fit)
Breakdown: Luna makes no effort to hide her siege on Hoshizaki's lab. If only to confront them themselves, the Girls and party have to defend the lab. The problem here is that the hoards of mutant sea creatures are coming from two different directions. If left to converge, they'll just overwhelm everything, and if tackled from one side at a time, the other will just have plenty of time to get in and crush the labs. DUAL FRONT ACTION GO! The girls, of course, should be split up too (Lilly on the "Lapdance" side and Ritsy on the "Putting on the Ritz" side)
How I would like this mission to go: Unless something from another canon prevents this, they should be able to communicate. Neither side has Luna leading the monsters, and the monsters aren't quite going for killing blows as they have previously. Some one/thing should pick up on a 3rd force approaching from another side, potentially behind the labs, so that pieces of both groups (including the Girls) need to break off and go defend the labs.
Rather than trying to crush her, people should try to be diplomatic about Luna. Any monsters she tags along with her... that's different. Discussions should probably go between not killing Dr. Hoshizaki for the sake of 'not becoming a monster like her father' or 'he might have a way of reversing all of this for all the Girls' so, for that sake, he should be spared, if even for a while. Of couse, being so close to the lab (and probably that Lilly's machine has the ability to scream) most of the conversation is audible to Hoshizaki. He chimes in, spouting out quite a bit of cold-hearted things; not caring what happened to his daughter in the aftermath (that's why he moved on), not caring about what happens to a couple of (sluts/whores/stupid girls) that nobody in the world is going to miss. Even Lilly's family have been told she'd run off to be some playboy's plaything after her little stripping stint.
After all foul words exchanged, it turns into a united front against Hoshizaki; Luna, and the Girls, and the Chalice crew work together, but, someone with a more strategic mind, or, devious, should call for a retreat of everyone intelligent, leaving any remaining monsters to ransack the labs. Luna becomes an allied NPC (and appable, with only the surname "Hoshizaki" and some facets of her background set in stone).
The two new monsters; the worm and urchin, aren't anything spectacular except for their size. The worms claw and roll over things, while the urchins grapple at stuff in order to bash it's spikey main body into whatever it's latched onto.

Mission 5: In Too Deep
Setting: Anywhere with a good body of water
Enemies: Burl-X [Dr. Hoshizaki] (60m Super)
Breakdown: Seeing that we likely left Hoshizaki for dead, he comes back to completely shut down his project. This means, killing everyone involved, Chalice crew included.
Hoshizaki has no nice words for everyone; name calling for all the Girls should thrown around, even his daughter (if apped and present?). There's no reasoning with him to end things peacefully, not that anybody would really want to at this point.
Variable!: If "Luna" is apped, the player may chose to revert some of her mutation to a more humanoid form. At this point, the Burl-X can be salvaged after Hoshizaki's death, making it "Luna"'s unit. However if this isn't desired, or, "Luna" isn't apped by this point, I'd like the Burl-X taken out under water, leaving Hoshizaki to die in a watery grave...
What the Burl-X is capable of is a mystery; missiles, guns, crazy explosives, whatever makes it seem pretty OP for a boss... BUT, Hoshizaki isn't a pilot... so, no surprise that it's all firepower and no skill.
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Let's Play "Super Robot Wars: Unlimited Generation @lpha"!

So, now that I've finished Gundam Musou 3, and have little else to be working on at the moment it's about time I get to this game. It's HUGE! So huge that not all the content is on one disc, for a PS3 game of all things. Preorders, luckily, got a 20$ voucher for the DLC add-on for the next 100 missions.

More than 200 missions? HOLY CARP!

But yes, firstly, opening credits!

That was pretty cool. Really wide array fof series in the game; lots of SS series too!
So the game's set in the year of AI-15 (After Impact). The world's a mess; wars, meteorites, aliens, monsters, colony drops, more war, and TWO Impacts from people doing things they shouldn't!

There's a long cutscene of dialog with various crew of the ship, and even others showing up before we get to the action. We're all travelling on a pretty huge, swanky ship called the "White Chalice". I get it, cups, filling with with people, and it's like White Base. HAHA LOLOLOL GG Banpesto.

Finally we move to a battle map though. Seems we're delivering supplies to some sheltered city standing in place of San Francisco. Seems they put the Major of the Pantsless Brigade in charge of the operation, and a few Originals doing manual labor.

Stage 001
First Stage

Seriously? Seriously??

Full stage recording.
Haven't learned to turn the timer off the capture card yet. Oh well. Shows you when I do and don't walk away during recording.

It's a simple seaside mission, but, while my objectives are clear, the skill point isn't. Rumor was that the skill points only reveal upon completion. Looks like the whole internet is trying to figure it out. More rumors lead to going against canon events for skill points. Weird. Also, we're force deployed one unit, with only 3 more to select. I'll just take the ones who were on site during the dialog cutsccene; Mio Sakamoto from Strike Witches (an SS unit), Devon, an Original (also an SS unit), and Vigil (an M unit). Joshua seems to be an M as well, with a co-pilot! The name is ??? but we can access their seishin.

Unit demos

*Readying her machine gun, Mio takes a quick glance using her magic eye before covering it again. Leaving the humanoid's to Vigil and Devon, she opens fire on the cityblob. She circles it, most shots going for center mass, but a few stray to herd it along, if it will play along.

Mio has 2 variants on the same ranged attack, with one of them consuming EN. She has a melee attack as well, but I'm saving that for later. She's got low HP, but, she's an SS unit and has both a barrier and high mobility. The damage to the enemy is piss poor, but it seems it has a resistance to everything that isn't the auto-deployed unit.

*Devon is close to the monster's head - and immediately says hello by lunging forward and headbutting its face. She unleashes a barrage of attacks, going for the eyes. Literally. Powerful but straighforward punches and kicks aim at whatever looks like the weakest point, but Devon tries to avoid the mouth if there is one. Just in case.

This Devon chick is a monster brawler. Everything is melee for her but one attack I don't have the morale for yet. She has more HP than Mio, but is landlocked. She's also got a thing called "Phase Shift" which is basically like an Afterimage skill. Not high movility, but that Phase Shift seems to activate pretty often. She too failed to do much damage, but I blame the nature of the enemy.

* It seems that defense is not an issue, so Vigil deducts that being more capable of dealing damage is what will win the day since he doesn't seem to be able to prevent it from attacking him. Cue an Aether sword... actually cue four of them. One in each hand, and one in each... other hand. Anyone who didn't notice at this point, will obviously see that the Parietis Patronus' feet are actually hands. Cue charge towards the bird and... insert SPINNING PHYSICS! .

Parietis Patronus is clearly a super. And it's something of an ape, or so the animations imply. It's got a good variety of attacks, which all lack a high morale requirement for some reason. Vigil has mostly defensive spells, which is fine. It can take a hit, but, it's attack power isn't doing much more than the SS units. I'm hoping this is all alieviated by the next mission.

At the end of my second turn, a cutscene goes off, changing back to a dialog phase.

Haruka: "Aw, man, lost already.... I wonder what's going on over there..."
RIFFA: "Hey there... you're lost too?"
Haruka: "....Ah, yeah. Can you help me out?"
RIFFA: "I know the place where big sister is going... and I'd like for her to go with me!"
Suddenly! She reaches out, grabbing you by your hand and then wraps her other around your waist before jumping insanely high in the air!
And before you know it you're hurtling at the ground!
Haruka: * Screaming ensues! *
As it should! Just before a gigantic robot inexplicably bursts grom the ground right in front of your very eyes, catching you in one of its hands!
The blonde girl seemingly bolts away, more than a tad surprised and mentioning something about
RIFFA: "Imber".

Back at the battle, the enemy phase proceeds before yet another cut in.

* Charging at one of the humanoid Nightmares and trying not to think about it too hard, Sara's ANIMa barrels forward, draws back a huge haymaker with its bulky fist, and gives the enemy a hefty straight left, followed by an uppercut and a kick. "TAAAAAAAAKE THIS!"

Oh look! That's why I only got 3 picks; reinforcements! Another M unit like Joshua. And it's not hampered by the enemy's defences. Thanks to Devon prior, the enemy goes out after the second hit, taking a retarded amount of damage.

Another unit shows up as well, but, it's plot-locked. Haruka from Idolm@ster Xenoglossia shows up, but is unable to act. She can still use her seishin.

*Replay note* At first I thought it was plot that Mio moved beside Haruka's unit if she was on the field, but, after a replay, whomever I picked in position 1 moves to her side, even without deploying Mio again.

Good thing I picked someone with support defend...
Thankfully that cable isn't made from any ridiculous materials, and the facts that Mio cut through it easily enough is proof the machine isn't a Nightmare
Sweet Jegus, Sword Cut also!? Well... if I know Strike Witches, that's better than...

Anyway, with the elimination of the Nightmares, the big bad shows up, Nibilum. And with that, Haruka is able to attack as well. At full morale at that! However, unless I'm hacking on on a replay, there's now way I can take out 7k HP in one hit. Bad planning on my part left only Haruka able to act.

Fortunately after one attack, Nibilum bails out, and the stage is complete.

Next time: MORE EXPERIMENTAL UNIT USAGE! Maybe some Kamen Rider!
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ITP (cuz it's a post not a thread), I steal Geoff's idea to give the story behind the names of my various RP accounts.

This is going to be a long list, but not as huge as his.

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