Jul. 24th, 2015

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-January 11

It took an unfortunate amount of time, but we were finally able to find the "Sand Rat Cellar" that was mentioned to us. We'd hoped that there was only the one, and our search would be ended swiftly.

The number of guards were surprisingly small, and smaller still were the ones that did not outright flee when we arrived. The shift in numbers was quite the boon. I know now that Algus, unsurprisingly, did very little to aid us, and we found him feigning injury once more. Though nobles we aren't, I begin to wonder if he thinks us as lowly as the Death Corps themselves.

When we got to the Marquis, he was unconscious. Both the leader and captain of the Death Corps were there, though only their leader Wiegraf stood. He insisted we take the Marquis back, much to our surprise.

As were his words, it was not his intention to take the Marquis at all, rather, it was this Gustav's undertaking, as a desperate resort for living funds.

Wiegraf bartered his own life for the Marquis, but despite Algus's objection, we took the offer. Even if outnumbered, *I hear a wild beast is most dangerous when backed into a corner.

With the Marquis in our custody, we've nothing but the long trip back to Igros. I can only hope without incident.

*That sounds rather disgusting of me to say, and it's not my intention to call the man a wild beast, but compare his situation so.

-January 16

Tomorrow we arrive in Igros with the Marquis. With him around, I've seen Algus's attitude change drastically. He cooperates and is kind, surely to save face. Aside bandits and monsters along the route, nothing has occurred of note.

We are becoming more learned in battle as well. Miss Lilly has shown amazing speed, and Gwynn fantastic accuracy no matter the situation. Zappa continues to charge into battle recklessly, but always seems to come out on top somehow, and like myself, Olive as taken to the magical arts.

I feel that if another long, uneventful trek occurs, I may transcribe a personal talk with one of our own. If this task is to become as grand as Professor Darlavon and I believe, recording their lives and thoughts will be just as important as Ramza's activities.

--- ---

((This time we've gotten access to two new classes, but nothing about their commands has changed at all.  Oracle and Time Mage.))

Now let's take a look at our Einherjar, as of entering Irgos:
Ramza (lv.5) Lv.1 Thief
Gwynn (lv.8) Lv.2 Knight (Lv.4 Marksman) w/Equip Crossbow
Lilly R. (lv.8) Lv.2 Knight (Lv.3 Thief) w/Steal (Heart/Helm/Weapon)
Zappa (lv.7) Lv.2 Marksman (Lv.3 Monk) w/Punch Arts
Olive (lv.8) Lv.2 Time Mage (Lv.4 Wizard) w/Black Magic
Yuu (lv.3) Lv.2 Squire (Lv.3 Chemist)
Jacky (lv.9) Lv.3 Wizard (Lv.5 Priest) w/White Magic


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