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-January 17

Arriving at Irgos Castle, again I part ways with Ramza so he may have audience with his brother.  I do not know when, or if I should tell Ramza what it is that I am doing, but there is no harm in not telling him either.  I am but keeping a diary... only of his action and not my own. 

I made it a point to ask how his meeting went, and as a reward for rescuing the Marquis, rather than punishment for disobeying orders, we're asked to attack one of the Death Corps's many hideouts.  We'll be heading south tomorrow.

(In the following battle on Mandalia Plains, on the 18th... I accidentally overleveled while just trying to build up JP.  Ramza was left behind at level 5 while the rest of the party averages 11.  Next entry will have a party summary, as many of the team are where I want them... particularly Jacky!)

-January 19

 The trip was short and uneventful, but it would seem that, as before, they are ready for a fight at a moment's notice.  I suspect they already knew they were being hunted by ourselves and others.

(Algus I wish you wouldn't :( )

As I watched the fighting, I found that many of the Death Corps's men were easily... swayed by Miss Lilly.  I always though she dressed suggestively, and her body...  Well, she puts it to use in a rather deadly fashion. I'm glad she is on our side.

After we felled most of the Thieves, we captured their leader, a woman by the name of Miluda. 

I wish I could say I was shocked to hear such devaluing words leave Algus's mouth but... it's almost too common from him now.  There was no need  to slaughter everyone, and, as best we could, we did no such thing.

I won't try and deny that we've killed nobody, but, we certainly do not slaughter them like the animals Algus treats them as. 

That aside, Algus was wholly outnumbered in his opinion.  Not Ramza nor Delita agreed either, and it was just... baffling to see him believe that our opinion, the 8 of us, was the uncommon, wrong, opinion.

---------- ELSEWHERE ----------

(And the following scene, after the battle ends, Teta/Tietra is absconded with, but... Ramza Jacky and party will find that out soon enough.)

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