Jun. 29th, 2015

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-January 2

After a day of rest and mourn, we moved on to Igros Castle as per our assignment. The fastest route was through Mandlia Plains, often called the "Beast Plains", so I suspect we'll have to fight our way through at some point. I suppose were it easy, we'd not need training to protect ourselves.

It was not long before my suspicions were correct, but rather than find many monsters, we found yet another gang of thieves, beating up upon another knight. His sigil and armor were unlike our own so I suspect he was not from the region, however, at Ramza's suggestion we all pulled together to save him. I feel Delita was against the idea, but, not to be unfair to Ramza's friend, we outnumber him by number and force.

Algus was his name, and he was most appreciative to see us, but there was little time for pleasantries.

I had only heard tales of them, but a Tonberry had wandered onto the battlefield. At first I thought it possible it would strike at the enemy, whom was nearer. I believe now, though, someone managed to tame the creature for their own uses. Not once did it take offense towards our enemy. ((For those whom recall, this map had a Cougar amongst the enemy. It has been replaced with a Tonberry! It only ever hit me with Voodoo.))

Gwynn once more proves his skill with a bow. ((Squires can now, by default, equip a Crossbow and Shields. However the *Special* Squires, Ramza and Delita, cannot equip either! Algus, despite his special sprite, is still considered a normal Squire.))

Miss Lilly, as she's insisted I call her, showed no fear attacking the thieves. Even as they attempted to beat her back, she frighteningly outclassed them. ((Squire's Counter Tackle was replaced with a Counter Throw (stone), which counters melee and ranged attacks, and has a higher chance of knockback.))

I feel as though after the fight, we learned much more from real-world experience than training and text books ever taught us. I heard that some have even learned things simply by watching others DO it!

((Enemies in general know a LOT more skills, even those outside of the class they're using. The first set was from a single Squire, the second also came from a Squire. What you get is randomized however (proven through save-scumming.))

When the dust of the battle settled, we had all come through alright, Algus included. We were fortunate that the Tonberry wasn't able to reach us through Gwynn's onslaught of arrows. Olive did well to guard the cart with Zappa, however Zappa brags that she was trying to lob arrows from afar. Olive wouldn't confirm nor deny the matter, even when I spoke with her privately about it. Perhaps she's much more skilled than she lets on?

Finally we were free to speak with Algus about his situation. As he tells us, Marquis Elmdore of Limberry was captured by the Corpse Brigade on his way westward. He seemed quite eager and desperate once he learned of Ramza's lineage, and pleaded his help. Since we are on our way to Igros already, there is no harm in letting him come along with us. One more for the road will make the travel safer.

I make note that all of Algus's gratitude went towards Ramza and Ramza alone; with none shown to even Delita, Miss Lilly, or even myself whom helped rescue him. Hopefully he will speak to the rest of us soon, though it is not as though I am seeking personal glory or justification, thanks is only proper.


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