Jul. 10th, 2015

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-January 4

Due in large part to Algus's company and his curious inability to get along with others. It's a wonder how it is he was the ONLY one that got away while the rest of his squad was slaughtered and the Marquis Elmdor was taken captive. The way he speaks to belittle everyone... Did he flee on his own, or sell out his friends for his own sake.

Or perhaps I'm simply not at ease with his attitude. He speaks ill of others when he thinks he cannot be heard. Zappa has had to be held back from assaulting him.

The night before we arrived at Igros, we were accosted by thieves. I wonder if they were reinforcements to those we'd saved Algus from earlier.

((Look at that level disparity! My team is only level 1-3!))

-January 5

We have reached Igros Castle. While Ramza took Delita and Algus to see his brother, the rest of us reported for guard duty, as was our assignment. They didn't seem to be any short on guard, but they appreciated the support from Gariland.

It was during us settling into the barracks that Ramza had returned. He spoke with us, telling that at first we would be here but, one of his brothers had tipped him off to the Marquis's presence. He wants to help Algus, but going on their own would mean certain death.

I cannot say for certain, but I feel that when I agreed to go along, I swayed the opinion of my companions. Perhaps they are just as dedicated to my task as I am. And they know well that I cannot do it alone.

Before we left the barracks, the head of the guard asked that we take one more with us. Their name is Yuu and, I'll be perfectly honest, I cannot discern their gender at a glance, and I feel most awkward to just ASK. However they seem capable, and more manpower, the better.

((Yuu is actually a slot-filling place holder. New characters are added into missing numbers. When other characters were cleared out, it left a gap between Olive and Jacky. Later on, if this isn't filled, Rad, Alicia, or Lavian would be put here, or any other guest-gone-recruit. Because I'm too organized, I filled the slot with Yuu (because, hey you, they're not supposed to know what kind of person, even gender, they are). Yuu was randomly picked to be male (alternating male to female searching for good Brave/Faith scores), and their job will be changed at random after every battle they take part in. We'll see if they make it to Mime by the end of the game!))

-January 6

I was wrong about the thieves from the night before. They were simply thieves. We came across more of the Death Corp today, whom were looking for yesterday's patrol which we'd had it out with to save Algus.

Algus refused, outright, to leave the safety of the caravan. Yuu fought along with us but told us, before we returned to the group, that he heard Algus speak "Let the low-born fight amongst themselves. He'll save his strength for those who took the Marquis."

We returned to see Algus nursing a blow to his cheek. I suspected Zappa or Gwyn, but it was Olive who'd struck him!

-January 7

We have returned to Gariland, and simply stopped by to restock and better arm ourselves. It's impressive how much more we learn through true trials of battle, rather than mock combat and textbooks.

((We can see here that "Archer" is now renamed "Marksman" and comes with entirely more useful skills. Timed strike is much like Charge +2, and Stunning Strike will INTERRUPT casting!))

((Knight is still largely the same, but the 'Ruin' skills are now MP based, with a range of 2, rather than the weapon's range. It's different, but not necessarily better or worse.))

((Having forgot to show this before, Squire has a slew of new skills. Wish is now a common skill that revives allies. Beat Down is a low-accuracy hit with probably +1 physical assigned to it. Cheer Up grants regen on a target. Accumulate now has a charge time!))

((And with that I leave you with this curious mistake in the coding!))


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