Aug. 26th, 2015

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-January 21

We return to Igros to report our success, only to find that the Death Corps had attacked the castle while we were away.  What inconvenient timing, as I fathom many things could have been prevented had we not been so eager for a little piece of glory.  Though none of us are truly to blame in any fashion.

Until, yet again, Algus opened his mouth.  Judging by the expressions, our group was about half-and-half on going to resuce Delita's sister, Teta, who'd been taken hostage.  Watching Delita and Ramza argue, hearing it, I think we saw both sides, but how we wanted to act... we were split.

However, Algus once more projected his disdain for 'the commoner', and was promptly rewarded with Delita's right hand.  Only Ramza moved to stop him from furthering the beating.  Myself, and us others, I do not think many, if any of us are born of true noble blood.  I too have grown weary of writing about Algus's foul words. 

After Delita stormed off, Ramza sent Algus on his way. And good riddance. However he parted with actual advice for  once; the Death Corp's base.  In hopes of finding Teta, we head there.

-January 24

We find a squadron of Death Corps trying to flee. It's impecible what timing we have.  However we've run into Miluda as well, and they were determined to run us down and through in order to escape us. As much as Ramza truly tried to come to terms with them, there was no reasoning, and we had to put them to death, lest we ourselves fall.  A name was spoken; Golgoros, during the fight. 

At least we know now who has Teta, and can better track her.


(I'd promised a character update but... it was lost as it was supposed to go at the TOP of this entry, not the bottom. Here's the jist of things so far)

Ramza - Lv 8 (Lv 4 Thief w/Poach)
Gwynn - Lv 11 (Lv 5 Knight w/Eq Crossbow)
Lilly R. - Lv 11 (Lv 1 Geomancer w/Steal)
Zappa - Lv 10 (Lv 4 Thief w/Punch Arts)
Olive - Lv 11 (Lv 2 Summoner w/Black Magic)
Yuu - Lv 8 (Lv 1 Marksman 3/14 progress to Mime)
Jacky - Lv 11 (Lv 1 Oracle w/White Magic)


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