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So after a day off, I have my 2nd day off and I got a wild hair up my ass to make the White Ogre from MS Igloo.

After a couple hours of solo farming I have all the general aesthetic parts I need, as well as having gotten the next level Axe technique, and a bare-handed technique. I also picked up Char's Zaku legs, which instantly unlocks a "Ground Shaker" flying kick.

I also ended up playing with some other players as well. While I tried to stick with low-level missions, I got pulled into a few higher ranking ones, which, is higher ranking drops but TOO high for my current levels... I can build them, SURE but... kind of lame to give me stuff that I have to sit on for a while. I might just trade them in... (except the Twin Beam Lance. That shit's mine.)

I've spent many an hour playing, but not any actual forward progress. More like... just grinding, seeing what can drop, though little has dropped that's an improvement. I've begun to make my main build more and more like the G-Saviour as aesthetically as I can, but the parts aren't coming along. I've been using a Heavyarms chest while I wait until I can use a more accurate chest piece, and not really using it's machine canons. While the Full Open attack is spiffy it's... too costly at this point. I'll keep the parts around for much later though.

Ultimately, at the end of the day I have 3 different kits, and not necessarily for regular use, though... I've gotten to a point where until I get better at putting together the pieces at want to actually put them to work, but they're more of... display purposes.

Head: GN-0000 (Gundam 00)
Body: ZGMF-X10A ♦♦♦ (Freedom Gundam)
Arms: XXXG-01H ♦♦♦♦♦ (Heavyarms Gundam EW)
Legs: MS-06J ♦
Backpack: ZGMF-X10A ♦♦♦♦♦
Shield: RX-78-2 ♦
Weapon (M): none
Weapon (L): Clay Bazooka
Options: Homing Missile (Heavyarms Arms), Missile Launcher (Zaku legs), Repair S, Cracker grenade
EX-Acts: Triple Blast (Bazooka), Hammer Blow (unarmed), Heroic Finish
Modules: Hunt Breaker *1

I went with a G-saviour paint color scheme (I had to bring my model along for color reference, and much to my dismay there IS no F91 in the system at all, and no signs of it coming). The Freedom chest is the closest in looks, are the arms for Heavyarms. However the Freedom wings are... a temporary measure.

I've learned that there's also a build capacity. The number is mostly based on the body quality, but you get an added bonus for the backpack as well. That number allows you to use better weapons, EX-Acts, and Options in greater quality and quantity.

I also got my first 'module' which is explicitly an in-game 'equip' item. Funny that I have slots for 3 and I had to raise my in-game rank to 14 just to use the ONE I got. Maybe there's lower level ones as I did get it as part of a drop from playing with higher-ranking players and missions.

Speaking of that... YEAH, be careful... and bring along a long range skill that'll knock people down... it'll help the stronger allies break parts and YOU benefit by getting rarer stuff. I'm waiting to use a Hi-Nu body and head... hopefully it's assembled well enough!

*1 -Modules act as various buffs and modifiers. This one decreases my EX-Act cooldown for every kill I get, and replenishes my Option ammo for every part I break by 10%
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A new Gunpla promo went international. Finally! So international that even where I live, Austin, got a Gunpla arcade, though, it's far less a competitive scene and more of a social one with this new promo.

There's rankings, and skill levels, and actual rewards of kit pieces! (but fuuuuuck the monthly fee tho... So worth it though, as long as you keep playing!)

UN-fucking-fortunately, the whole skill level thing means you really have to start out with the mookiest of mooks and work your way up to using the higher tier, popular stuff. I was lucky enough to actually HAVE something worth starting with but honestly... it's not what I REALLY wanted to start with. I *WANTED* my G-Saviour, but I guess I'll start with my Blue Destiny*1

So the game accounts for two things while you play. OS Level, which is basically your experience... the more you play, and the better, you rank up and it lets you use better parts from the more popular kits (like Wing Zero's Wings or Strike Freedom's chest which has a Buster Canon in it). But all the newbletts have to start with, basically, a GM (or Jim depending on how you like to pronounce it.) They had a ton on sale on-site so it kinda works out for people who were starting and couldn't use THEIR kits, or were new entirely.*2

The other bar is your building skill. The game will spit out runners for parts depending on the stuff in the stage. As you build the parts, it judges the quality of the assembly (as well as tiny things like scratches, nicks, misalignment, nubs, and other probably miniscule factors. The better you assemble the parts the higher the 'quality' which factors into part stats. *3

Anyway, I spent some time just grinding up ranks and skills, during which I made some parts exchanges, as well as picking up an all-important Beam Javelin. It's no Twin Beam Spear, but it'll suffice, though I may finish earning the next level Axe technique.

Oh yeah, weapons have techniques, it's easy to get the first rank, but the second means using the first level pretty damn often. Or maybe it's a number of missions it's used, IDK yet.

I also learned one of my EX-Acts is actually a point multiplier! If I use it while a bonus is on screen BAM double points. Dynamic Finish!

Another spiffy thing is they have a recycling program in place. You can trade in runners to add to a 'Credit' total, to trade in for stuff like in-game skins (both for your avatar and camo patterns) and other unique items. You can also trade in parts and used runners for less of an exchange, but who knows what they do with them plastic. Still, better than just generating a ton of trash. If you don't like it, trade it in.*4


Now that I'm home and stuff's built, here's what I have to take in next time.

Blue Density
Head: RX-78-2 (Gundam) ♦ (with vulcan option)
Body: RX-78-2 ♦
Arms: RX-78-2 ♦♦♦
Legs: MS-06J (Zaku II Ground Type) ♦ (with missile pod option)
Backpack: RX-78-2 ♦ (with beam saber option)
Shield: RGM-79GS ♦
Weapon (M): Beam Javelin ♦
Weapon (L): Beam Rifle mk2 ♦♦♦♦
Options: Beam Saber (Gundam type) ♦, Missile launcher ♦, Repair S, Cracker grenade
EX-Acts: Mirage Shot, Heroic Finish

*1-I don't own a Blue Destiny yet, but I have a GM Striker.
*2-For intents and purposes, BD Unit 01 registers as a blue-painted GM, as EXAM isn't an active module (in the game itself)
*3-This is the parallel to the Build stat which is just an experience bar you gain from 'creating' parts from runners.
*4-This is actually reversed, but mostly it's the parallel to selling unwanted parts and runners for the shop credits (which there's little available at this point). You get more for built parts, as the value goes up based on it's number of ♦'s, and a lower, flat value for unbuilt runners, which you can sell immediately after the mission. For now, it's better to build everything you get until you max out Build rank.
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Gundam Breaker is a Japanese game for the PS3. It's played on the premise of something similar to Gundam Build Fighters and Gunpla Builders: Beginning G, where the player is playing a VR game using actual kits scanned into the game.

Given nobody cares about the plot enough to translate the plot, there IS no plot to be provided.

Therefor, my progress throughout the game will be as if this new 'Game system' is an international promotional for Gunpla, including locations in many major cities/capitals in the US. I'll be updating my rank and parts as well as any interesting accomplishments within the various stages of the game; such as epic rare drops outside of grinding, fighting 1/100 or 1/60 scale kits.

For those lucky enough to have played the Beta when it was a free download for the PS3 or Vita, any parts attained during the beta will transfer over to the new game, though Builder and OS levels need to be attained again through gameplay in order to use the parts. (in my case my best drops were the arms and body for Gundam Heavyarms, as well as wing-cloak for Master Gundam, none of which I can use.)

The game forces you to learn the controls while playing as a stock GM, then a second stage with an AI ally, both of which I've done and will be foregoing for the sake of this 'story'. After the first 3 stages I've picked up a few parts, including those of the Zaku II, Zaku IIS, and the Dom, as well as various model parts (in varying qualities) of other GM-types.

Current build (As of ep 0)

GM BlueDensity
Head: RGM-79 (GM)
Body: RGM-79GS ♦ (GM Command Space-type)
Arms: RGM-79N (GM Custom)
Legs: RGM-79
Backback: RGM-79 ♦ *Backpacks offer various additional equipment, such as stronger boosters and back-mounted weapons. In this case, it's a beam saber, which allows me to use a single-strike beam saber attack even if I have a different melee weapon equipped.)
Shield: RGM-79GS ♦
Weapon (M): Heat-Hawk ♦♦♦
Weapon (R): Beam Rifle mk2 ♦♦♦♦
Options: Vulcans (part of GM head), Beam Saber (part of GM backpack), Repair S (a recovery item), Cracker Grenade (extra offensive weapon I haven't used but bought in-game) *Optional parts are equipped to the D-pad, and are typically extra weapons that aren't part of the usual handheld stock, or are built-in weapons, as well as various recovery items.
EX-Acts: Tornado Axe (Axe), Armor Repair (Support), Heroic Finish (some special attack I'm still unclear of, but it is a nifty pose... this still needs testing.) *EX-Acts are extra attacks that are either weapon-type specific or dependent upon having specific parts equipped such as the body/arms/legs of Heavyarms for the 'Full Open' attack)

The game keeps track of 2 experience bars: OS, and Build. OS is gained through missions, and the higher your rank, the better tier parts you can use. Build is gained after acquiring runners from missions, and 'building' them. As they're built, your Build level and RNG are used to determine the rank of the part itself, between 0 and 10 stars. The higher the stars, the higher it's stats (so a 3-star (♦♦♦) is almost always better than a 1-star part(♦))

The game also had DLC codes, but it requires you register on Gundam Perfect Games with an Japanese IP address, which is also what allows uploading your GP to it's site for sharing/stats/viewing. Meaning the extra dollar I spend on the sealed copy with aforementioned codes was wasted. No Chair's Haiku Shiek or Freedom parts for me. Not that I care all that much.


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